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Dreams Journal #1

Two days ago I read a book called "Letters, Stories and Dreams" which was written by an Indonesian young writer (she was also a blogger) named Cassandra Niki. In some parts of her stories, I found out that she put some of her dreams inside her book, which was written as "Dreams of The Dreamer" (CMIIW). What she wrote there were her dreams, what she hoped she would be in the future, or what she would be doing.

She really did remind me of what I always wanted to do for so long. I always wanted to write down what my dreams were about. But in my case, what I meant about "dreams" is something I went to sleep and saw. I mean, it is the real definition of the word "dreams" itself, while what she wrote was more about her hopes "dreams". So, today I am going to start what I called my own "Dreams Journal" :D

Just so you know, my dorm internet connection has been soooooooo unfriendly to me. Last night, I slept earlier because I couldn't stand any longer with this internet connection (because being without internet at the dorm will make you feel bored to the max!) and in hope that if I wake up tomorrow (which means today), the internet would have got back to normal. But it didn't grr* 

Yesterday I slept at about 11 and today I woke up at about 9.30, which means I have slept for more than 10 hours this day. I need this long time sleep because the day before yesterday, I just sleep for about 5 hours and it was not enough for me AT ALL. I bet 10 hours sleep is enough for any dreams, and here I come. I remember 3 points that I dreamed about. Remembering dreams is not that easy and people usually will forget 90% of what they dreamed about, but today I tried really hard to remember them and here are the points that I quite remember.

  1. I met Mr. Yus. He was the father of a friend of mine, Kevin, who is staying at Bali. I met him with her two daughters (which is really strange, because the fact is, he only has a daughter named Karen) and one of her daughters is a friend of mine, in Guangzhou, named Mega. I didn't remember the face of the other girl, was it Karen or not. The thing is, I met him at a shopping center, and he insisted to buy me a present, while I also insisted not to accept the present he wanted to buy for me. I didn't remember the ending, whether he bought me the present or not.

  2. I prepared meal for an occasion, which I forgot what, with my Christian fellowship friends. I remembered there were Darius and Felly there, but I forgot the others. And when I wanted to go to the kitchen to cook, suddenly the place turned to my home's kitchen (which is in Pekanbaru) and the people I met changed to my family. Oh, there was Granny too. And the next thing I remembered was, I cooked soup, egg soup (which Mom always said that it was my favorite soup).

  3. I was cooking at the kitchen, and I didn't know how, a cat was suddenly there. I tried to cast it out, but at last, I got bitten by it. THREE TIMES. I can remember it so clearly. And it scared me so much that I could probably get myself a rabies. Thank God it was only a dream!
Up until now, the internet connection still sucks! I'll save this as a draft first and then save it just when the internet connection is "healed". Wish me luck with my Dreams Journal, guys!

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