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Four Kisses

Another class skipped. I have been such a bad student. I skipped one class today because me and some friends took a video shoot for our Youth service needs. I now do not even know if my very first priority as a student is to study :(

Another late-night way back home. I got to the dorm at almost 10.30 PM after all today activities. I better not to get used to this or if Mom knows, she will be mad at me :P

Felly and I went to Family Mart to buy tomorrow's breakfast (I hate volunteer's breakfast meal) and as we walked there, we saw a very beautiful night scene. No, no, it was not Guangzhou Tower. Car accident it is. What makes this accident so special is, there weren't only two cars, but FIVE cars! So, if there were five cars and each of them "kissed" the one in front of them, there will be "four kisses". My phone camera was not able to capture all the cars, but I did capture some of the cars.

beautiful, isn't it?

Anyway, I'll be going to sleep now. Got another volunteer shift waiting for me! Good night people. Don't forget to get yourself a nice warm blanket before going to bed because it is going to be a cold night. Happy go lucky <3

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