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Mister Google

Good day, people! It is 12.09 PM now and I don't really have something to do. You know what, I planned to skip my China's Cultural Heritage (yes, it is) class but at the end I decided not to do so. But what happened was, I was late for more than 15 minutes, and my teacher didn't came. Purrfect!

But it does not matter at all, I went back to my dorm and I had my closet organized, and I also made my new header! It was so simple, but somehow I like it haha. While I was blog-walking, I found a quiet-interesting game (well, at least for me). It was to search your own name in Google and find out how many results that you might find. I tried mine, of course, and here is the result :

See? I got about 508 results. It is quiet fun, if you wanted to try. Beside of the results, I also found another blog that I created that even I had forgotten that I made that blog. Silly game, actually, but you may, if you wanted to try :P

Anyway, I have to attend another class at 1 and now I haven't had my lunch yet. So, I gotta go now. Have a try on the game haha! Wish me luck, guys! Take a good care of yourself! God bless yaa <3


  1. I've tried googling my name before, but I got 0 result when I typed my name "Reggievia", Google said, "did you mean regina?" LOL
    but yeah, Mbah Google still ROCK <3

  2. haha not lucky enough, maybe :P
    try with your full name and maybe you'll get different results haha.