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No Regret

WOW. Those are the best three letters to describe today. Wait a minute, doesn't WOW only have two letters, W and O? Whatsoever. The most important thing is I am freaking excited today!

Just so you know, today started with magic. Alarm is the only way to wake me up at the morning, but because today I was going to be away from morning till evening, I decided to left my phone charged, so I did not activate the alarm. Before bed I prayed to God and I said, "Dear God, could you please do wake me up at about 5.30?". Well actually I was hoping my roommate would wake me up, but this morning was really really strange, I woke up EXACTLY at 5.30 and I was wondering if God really woke me up Himself. And my roommate, I woke her up and she didn't even get up until six.

I planned to spend my time today reading novels that I brought to kill time because actually, being City Volunteer's job is only to stand at the main entrance, to make sure the spectators have their tickets and your work time is only half an hour per shift. If you are not in your shift time, you are allowed to do anything or even to go anywhere around the sports center. I don't know who started this crazy idea, but Jane and I decided not to just sit and read books. Instead, we were going to stalk on athletes! Haha crazy I know.

Our main target were actually Taufik Hidayat and Korean badminton player, Lee Yong Dae. We even had made plan on where we were going to wait for the athletes. At last we decided to wait around the North Entrance area, where the badminton game was held. After quiet long time of waiting, we didn't actually meet any athletes whom we knew. Well we saw three Indonesian women athletes, and (looked like) a Korea badminton player (whom we also didn't knew and Jane expected him to be Kim-Jun-Whatever haha I even now forget the name Jane told me).

Suddenly, Jane told me she was hungry and she wanted to go to McDonald's to see if we could find anything to eat. I first rejected because I said I was still full. But just the other minute, I felt like going to the toilet, so we decided to go to McDonald's. What I first did when I got there was (still) looking if I could find Yong Dae in the crowd. There were some Korean athletes (written on their sportswear) but there wasn't any sign of who I wanted to see.

Not so long after that, I screamed and surprised Jane with my screaming. "I saw Sutiyoso," I said. And surprisingly, Jane also scream and we both jumped excitedly. I thought we were feeling excited for the same thing, but I found out that there was a misunderstanding between us. She was feeling excited seeing Singaporean athletes (which I didn't know why :P) and I was feeling excited about Mister "Sutiyoso". I was stupid though. I finally found out that it wasn't Mr. Sutiyoso, but it was Mr. Agum Gumelar. I didn't know why but I was sooooooooo freaking excited to meet him. I told Jane, "No matter what, I have to take a picture with him." Okay, I now might sound a little bit overrated, but c'mon, even if you are in Jakarta, your chance to meet such great person is not that big. Hello, he used to be our mister minister!  

We started to make plan. I was planning to go to him and directly ask him for a picture. Easy, isn't it? But Jane stopped me. She told me that it would be better if we wait until he finished his meal and I thought that it was not a bad idea at all. So we went outside and waited. When he gave me a sign, which I read as a "I-have-finished-my-lunch-and-I-have-free-time-now" sign. I started to panic and I didn't even know why. We decided to get in (again).

I didn't have any guts to speak to him. And I ALMOST let him go. But I didn't. I chased him outside and I finally met him, face to face, and I FINALLY said these words, "Excuse me, Sir. But can we please have a picture together?" I was so afraid that he would be that kind of what can I say, fierce person? I was so afraid if he was going to reject or anything. But guess what, he was super duper very and soooooooooo friendly guy! He accepted, of course, and he even asked what our name were. I love this guy!

Ahh I don't even care if I looked so fat there. Haha I was so nervous when we took this picture. Believe it or not, my hands were shaking. Stupid, actually, but it was fun. Later, Jane and I realized that we were so over-excited. Haha it's been so long since the last time I felt this kind of excitement. This picture really made my day! 

Well at last, we did not meet any of those people we planned to see, but I had no regret at all. AT ALL. Today I am feeling very very happy. Even until we got home in 8.30 PM, I still felt happy! :D

By the way, when we were going to go home, one of the volunteers lost her goody bag and she was panicking. When people asked her what did she have in the bag, if there were anything valuable inside, she wouldn't answer and I am so curious why did she act so. Anyway, the moral of the story is ; never left your valuable (or any other personal) belongings left anywhere unmonitored. Never. Ever.


At the morning of this day, me and classmates also took pictures around the sports center. I also took a picture with a blue goat, one of the mascots of Asian Games 2010. Here they go!

me classmates~

isn't he the cutest guy you have ever seen?

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