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One World One Dream

What do you see in this picture? Well, what I see is a superhuman. A person who struggles for her life even though she is a little bit different from the other people. But actually, she is not different from us. We are all the same. We all lived in the same world, we all lived in the same dream.

Today I got a very lucky opportunity to go to a special school. It was the school for the disabled people. The reason why I went there is to have a training of Asian Para Games 2010 Volunteer. Oh, I haven't tell, maybe I am going to be a volunteer again for the Asian Para Games. But I am not so sure yet.

The school is almost the same with a common school. In fact, it was exactly the same. They have classrooms, sports courts, canteen and whatsoever you got at school.

The Teaching Building

The Sports Court. Look at the wall's painting. Cool huh?

I don't know what this room is, but it looks like a place to make garments and clothes. I wonder if they produce their own clothes or what. By the way, at the training, they also gave us a try on how to play basketball, using a wheelchair. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to do it, but I saw some of other volunteers trying, and it looks difficult.

There was many boards at the wall of the hall where we had the training, and guess what's on the boards? It was all sticky notes! I really love to see it! The sticky notes were the notes which the volunteers wrote for the Asian Para Games, or maybe the athletes. It was soooo beautiful (well, at least for me :P).

Dare to try once?

Well, that was my very precious trip to this special school. I today learned how to appreciate my life, for all the great things God has given for me. Today God let me see so many great people. They who really really are super, they who kept fighting for life. 

I wished all the best for Guangzhou Asian Para Games 2010, and for all of the athletes, you are all the best. Even before competing, you are all already the winners. Go get gold!

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  1. wow..I wanna go to a special school also..I was inspired by the special people ever since I watched the japanese drama, one liter of tears..