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So Long And Goodbye

This is the last day of me, being the volunteer of the Asian Games 2010. After all bad things I said about being a volunteer, actually it was not that bad. Meeting so many new people, making so many new friends, experienced so many new experiences, all those things are great!

When these all things are done, I bet we all are going to miss the "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner" bus that brought our breakfast, lunch and dinner meal (which I dislike so much) and we (maybe) are going to miss being at the sports center, doing nothing but nothing :P

Here we go, pals. No more excuses for being a volunteer when you wanted to skip classes, no more waking up at 5.30 and also no more "Kun Lun Shan" free mineral water. Get back to our daily life!

Today me, Natalie and Jane went to the bookstore, and I bought a novel which is written in Chinese, the title is "三年K班" while the English title is "Goodbye in July". All written in Chinese characters. I wished I will be able to finish reading this book. Sooner or later. Just so you know, I spent almost an hour to finish reading only about twenty pages of this novel, while for reading Indonesian or English novel, I only took about an hour to finish more than 50 or maybe 100 pages. Haha. Natalie also bought a Harry Potter novel, which was "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone", also written in Chinese. I don't know if she really wanted to read that book, or if she only wanted to make it as her collection of books (she told me she wanted to collect Chinese version of Harry Potter). 

By the way, November is almost over and from now on, I got to stay focused on Christmas celebration's preparation. There were only 16 more days before December 11th. Don't you think that time goes way too fast? I can not even catch up. 

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