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Tiramisu Milk Tea

Who doesn't love holiday? Not me, of course. I thought yesterday was the day of Asian Games 2010 Closing Ceremony so they gave us a day off. Later I found out that today is. Whatever, as long as I still got my holiday :P

I always knew that I am now fat enough, but still, I spent my holiday going to several places, just to find something to eat. I should really stop this habit. Me, Felly and Ko Kurnia went to Bejinglu Pedestrian Street to eat meatballs and the meatballs were soooooo yummy haha. Decided not to do sightseeing there after that, because there were too many people there (this is why I hate going out on holidays). After that, we headed straight to Shipai Street by taking the monorail and some walks, then stopped at a nice small cafe, Ceteler.

Ko Kurnia always told me that this cafe has the best Tiramisu Milk Tea, so I decided to try one. Felly ordered Cold French Chocolate, while Ko Kurnia, still with his favorite Tiramisu.

The Tiramisu was good as what Ko Kurnia has always told me. Felly was happy with hers too. She said that her chocolate drink was super good with her happy face. Haha. Cutie her :3

By the way, the picture of three of us was taken by the owner of this cafe. He was really a nice old man. He told us that he has been to Bali and he always wanted to talk with us. But poor this old man, when he took this picture, his head hit his own serving bar table. Lucky him for not getting hurt.


What do you think about this letter? No, this is not just a common letter. Inside, you will find an invitation of our Christmas Celebration that will be held on December 11th 2010. Me and several friends spent quite a long time, cutting and folding these letters. There were 700 letters, all hand-done. 

This event is really making me nervous. I still got plenty of things to be done for this event, while time is no longer that much. I wished I will do well.

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