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The Christmas Song

Planned to post this post while I was taking my shower and I also planned to put this picture in this post. Who knows that Jane also already put this picture in her post "Merry Christmas". Haha toss for thinking the same, Jane *wink

This picture was taken during the Christmas party held on our friends' COOL last Wednesday. I really really loved this picture because it is soo cute :3

Many great things happened this day. Such a special Christmas! Today me and friends went to Baiyun Mountain and had lotsa fun there. Many laughs and smiles and also tears (:P) haha. Beside of celebrating Christmas, on this day there were also some other special things that happened today. They were Dad and Mom's wedding anniversary, Natalie's birthday and Super Junior's Christmas Concert in Guangzhou!

Eventhough today is quite tiring, but I did enjoy this day. So much.

The other thing I really love about this Christmas : Christmas presents! I never got sooo many presents before. This year many great friends gave me great gifts. A cute small backpacks from Felly, "FAITH" phone straps from Ko Darius, pig doll from Ko Andi, new baby DOMO from Albert (who talks! :D), jacket from Sian, and sooo many other special things. I really love this Christmas <333

Well well, maybe this is enough for today. I want to wish you all HAPPY CHRISTMAS :)

Ahem. About the "30 Days Blog Challenge", I have to admit that I failed. It is almost two weeks since I did not continue the challenge. But there were just three more challenges to go so I guess I'm gonna finish them. I promised #fingercrossed :P

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  1. hahaha! *tosss :D
    ngga tahan pengen dipost, terlalu imut fotonya.
    anyway, happy christmas again yaaa! and bunch thankssss for the presentss! XD
    love yaaa <3