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Day Fourteen

"A TV show you’re currently addicted to."

I am not really addicted to this but this show of Jay Zhou is really funny. You can see the real side of Jay and before seeing this I never knew that Jay can also be a MC and he is doing really great. See, my boy man is so multi-talented <3


Waaaa I finally got my Letter of Admission to the 16th Asian Games Volunteer Programme Venue Volunteer. I am so happy about it. I also got some new badges, and a very cute volunteer key-chain. He is so handsome yet cute. Meet him now :D

Cute, isn't he? By the way I am now downloading some Christmas-themed songs like Santa Baby and Last Christmas but my download speed is sooooooo slow. Hope it will get faster. Oh, me and roommates are going to have our Christmas tree. I am so waiting for the little tree :3

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