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Day Twenty Three

"15 facts about you."

(1)   Blue is my favorite color above all.

(2)   When I eat, I tend to eat the food which I don't like first, then at the end eat the one I like more. Save the best for the last :D

(3)   My highschool friends used to call me "Japang" for that I used to be the only Chinese girl at class. Err well there were two Chinese girls at class but I am the only one who got that "nickname". (Japang refers to Jepang in Indonesian, which mean Japan in English. Well Chinese and Japanese had the same small eyes :P)

(4)   I now live with three roommates at the dorm and our room number is 309 :D

(5)   I hate liars, so I always tried as hard as I can to keep the promises I gave to the people around me (well sometimes I also go wrong because yeah nobody's perfect).

(6)   Jay Zhou is still my favorite until now. Well I used to hate him so much when I was in junior high school. (Haha ini namanya benci jadi cinta :P)

(7)   Dad told me that I used to be a very bad little girl that Dad and Mom always punished me way harder than my elder brother and younger sister. But I am now a very good girl, right Dad? :D

(8)   When I become a fan of a song, I tend to listen to the same song every single time. Every day, until I get bored with the song. I used to listen to 说谎 for more than a month, every day! (And my friends were getting sick of me playing that song :P)

(9)   People like to call me a tomboy but in my very own opininion, I am a neutral. I am not girly and I am not a tomboy as well.

(10) I don't know if this is a fact or not, but I used my brain more than heart. I mean, I often used logic more than I used feeling. Logic is almost always better than feeling is.

(11) When I am feeling like talking, it's like nobody can't stop me to, but when I don't feel like talking to anybody, nobody will make me do.

(12) I prefer chicken to any other cooked meat, but I eat anything served on the table. But I am more like carnivore than omnivore :P

(13) I found myself gets bored so quickly. About anything. Anything.

(14) Just like Mom, I prefer sleeping to eating.

(15) I spent almost an hour thinking about these 15 facts :P

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