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Gonna Meet Him Soon

Gueeeeessssss what!

I am going to see Jay Zhou L-I-V-E !

I finally bought the ticket of his concert in January 15, 2010 and I am sooooo freaking excited about this. This has become my dream for so long and now it is going to be true! Maybe this is what people called dream comes true.

When I bought the ticket, after I paid the money, a young lady came and ask the ticket-person about the ticket, whether they really sold the real ticket, where she is going to be seated when she bought ticket and so on and so on. At last she said, "Fine then. Give me two of 1680 RMB priced ticket." And I was like, "OMG. Even me and three friends of mine's tickets can not afford one 1680 ticket". For your information, we bought the 380 RMB ones. And it is already sooooo expensive for me.

Whatever. I am going to meet my boy soon <3

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