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It Stops Today

Just a quick news, I am not going to be the volunteer of Asian Para Games anymore. I was called to have a training yesterday night, but when I got there, my name wasn't on list of the volunteers who were being trained  that they told me, if my name was not at the list, that means I am going to be volunteer of the opening and closing ceremony of the games, not at the games. Got the point?

So here came the problem. Opening will be on December 12th, which means at 10th or 11th we MUST have another trainings to prepare ourselves, while The One is on 11th and I am going to have so much preparation to that. I am sure that if I accepted to become volunteer, I won't be able to do both well. I gotta choose one.

Feeling sad? Yes I actually did, a little. I already imagined myself wearing a full set of volunteer's  uniform (not just a cap and a vest) and looking at the great athletes competing. Beside, later I am going to hear my friends, telling about their experiences and being angry of whatever went wrong at the competition, how the food were so not-delicious, everything. And I will just be listening.

What can I do? I got to have my priority, and I prioritized The One. 

Will I regret? Nope. I am sure this is the best decision. I am doing the right thing. Well I hope what I already sacrificed will get the payment. Hope that The One will work smoothly, just like what we are always hoping.

I am going to get other great chances, later :)

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