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I miss you, rainbows! Haha. I am sorry for my being late for the 23rd post of the blog challenge. I have been sooooo busy for The One.

And guess what? It is finally oveeeeer! I am so glad about that. I feel like flying when I walk because my footsteps are so light. No more pressure at last!

Now I am so ready to continue the challenge and it is already going to be the 24th post, which means seven more posts to go before finishing the challenges.

Speaking truthfully, I began to feel bored about the challenge, but anyway, got to finish what I already started. Haha. So jiayoouuu :D


Finally, finally I went to Guangzhou's cinema. After almost one and a half year here, never once been to a movie, and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is my first here :D

I am not a big fan of Harry Potter, but I watched all the series of the movies (except the Goblet Fire one) and in my opinion they are all good.

Rupert did well here. He looked so "man" here. Haha. I loved him way more than Daniel. And Emma is awesome. Can't believe how she looks so beautiful in every single scene in the movie :3

Lalala can't wait for part two then~

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