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Safe Ride

This is the main reason why I hate winter. I am now gaining weight! 4 pounds in less than a week (and now even was not winter yet!). What is Mom going to say about this?

Today is already five. It means I just have five more days before The One. Well actually I do not have too many things to be prepared now, but I am just still nervous about this. I hope hope hope everything will be okay.

The next thing, exam is coming soon and I really do not know what should I do. But what always happened when it gets to the exam season, I always kept thinking more about going back to Indonesia instead of thinking about exams. Another thing I should be prepared to.

Exam's coming, means a new semester is coming too. Oh, new year's also coming. I wonder what will happen next year. Ehm I am now starting to think about new year's resolution. This time I have to do better!

I chatted with Mom this afternoon and what I know is, I miss her so much. Can't wait to be home and cooked her my new recipes. By the way, I am going to try cooking spaghetti. Haha. My bolognaise will be the best ever :P

PS. Mom told me to find her and Dad tickets to Guangzhou and I am now searching for it. I hope they really are coming next year.


  1. oh..you must be lucky that you're gaining weight..you know what..I've been dreaming of gaining a weight cos I am thin. hmm

  2. Noooo you are lucky! Thin is better than fat! Haha we are so human, aren't we?
    Always be dissatisfied with what we are :P