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After hours of bus trips and plane trips, after hours of waiting and waiting, after mie goreng pedas gila and es teh manis, after Little Fockers, Hoka Hoka Bento and bistik ayam, after delays and crybabies, after...... Before this post get the award for the most boring post ever, I'm going to declare to you all : I AM FINALLY HOME :D

PS. It is kinda strange to access facebook and blogger without proxies. It was just... too easy?

The Era

Haha now I am going to spread my happiness. Who knows where I've been last week? If you are following my blog, then you must have known that I went to Jay Chou's World Tour Concert. It was like a dream came true! I can not even believe that I was there.

It was on Saturday, January 15, 2011. Before going to the concert, me and Meity, Hansel and Meycia had our lunch at Guangzhou's Indonesian cuisine restaurant - Pandan. It was kinda funny that I ate Indonesian food just a week before going back to Indonesia. The food was superb!

After having lunch, we went straight to Tianhe Sport Center, where the concert was held. The show was on 8 but we arrived there around 3. Imagine, waiting for about five hours. So we spent time taking pictures, buying some Jay's souvenirs and so so so on. I bought a t-shirt with Jay on it :D

By the way, I was wearing the hoodie Jane bought me as birthday present. It has Jay on it and I love it very very very much. Thanks Jane ♥

There was a big board of Jay's picture and we could stick some sticky notes as greetings for Jay's birthday. His birthday was on January 18 by the way. Meity wrote one but I did not, because I know Jay would never read it, so never mind it :P

Waiting is so boring that we finally went to Starbucks and had some drinks as we wait and at about six we got back to the concert arena.

Okay, after waiting and waiting (and some crazy picture takings and also instax :D) at about 6.30 we finally got into the concert arena and I was just like freaking excited. Whoah it was so unbelievable. There were millions of people watching the concert.

Just so you know, I was so far away from the stage. But who cares when you can see Jay? Haha.

One word to describe the whole concert : PERFECT. It really was!

There were still so many pictures of the concert but it was impossible to upload all of those so here they are. Hope you all at least know how the concert was. I really hoped that it won't be the first and the last concert that I watched but I hope one day I'll go again. I have to. Haha.

Well, thanks God for another rainbow :)

Accessories > Paint

I've been busy all night long with a new "project". It is painting. Well actually it is not really painting, but it is a kind of coloring using the small brush and some water paint. I started doing this two days ago and I finished making a picture of two pigs which then I gave to Felly. Now I am finishing another project that I am going to give to another friend of mine.

Now I wished I am good at painting. I really love to see how people doodle and draw so many great things. I can not even draw a good picture of a pig's legs :P

This painting's size is really small. It is only 10X15 cm. I already bought another one with 30X40 cm in size to be done in Indonesia so that I will have something to do there.

Yeay there are only 4 more days before homecoming. Poor Felly that her Dad did not allow her to get back to Indonesia. She told me that she was so sad because she's not going to have anyone to play with when we all get home.

Well that's it all for this midnight post. Hope you all have great days. Take care you all <3

Instax Babies

I have taken several pictures with my baby instax. Unfortunately I do not have any scanner to scan those pictures. Now I really wished that I do (having scanner). Well I am going to seek if any of my friends have the scanner. Going to show them to you if I find one :))

See You Agus!

This is a late report of the farewell party for one of our friend. Agus, he is. He is going back to Indonesia, for some reasons, and one of them is to get married with his girlfriend! It was funny how he react when we talk about him and how he is going to marry someone soon. He is only twenty two!

The small party was held on December 29, 2010 at Guangzhou HEMC (Daxuecheng), right on our COOL (Community Of Love). We shared stories also ate great food. Just posted this now because I just saw the pictures tagged by one of our friends, Ci Lady. Almost all the pictures were taken by her, but all the pictures below were edited by her. I quite like her editing skill. Simple but looked great. Check them out :)

Now time for game : guess which one is Agus. Haha bet you all can guess :P

Well, for Agus (I don't even know if he's gonna read this. Haha) :
It was really nice to know you. Wherever you go, always be the light for others. Keep on fire in your ministry. God will always be there with you if you walk with Him. I guess I'll see you soon. God bless you always, my friend :)


Guangzhou weather is really not friendly today. It is freaking COLD! I wore more than three pieces but still feel cold. The blowing wind is evil. He really is grr*

I just finished one of my finals. I studied a little for this test. Luckily the test was not really hard, but it was not easy at all too. I wished I am gonna pass. Well well well, four more finals to go. Jiayou Sas! #fingercrossed

Meet My New Friend :)

I swear I did not plan to buy this thing so soon. Today I went to the Computer Plaza with Santos to accompany him buying his camera's bag and Andy wanted to buy a Nintendo DS for his niece (or maybe nephew). And what I planned to do was to check the price. THAT IS IT but at last I bought one.

Happy but yet shocked because I haven't even prepared myself to get it this fast. Now I am preparing to buy her some "clothes" and accessories. By the way, it was pink  because the shop did not have any other stock. Well pink was not bad at all too.

Yeay, I am gonna have the polaroids picture of me and my friends soon *excited.

Sushi Krazy

I have been craving to try sushi buffet for quite a long time. Two weeks, perhaps? And today I finally had one. Me and Felly went to PO Park and had our crazy sushi time!

Well, just so you know, I am not a fan of sushi but I don't know why I wanted so much to try the buffet because I have never had even once while my friends always go and have some. And I finally had my first!

When the sushi(s) came, we were so excited to eat them all. We even planned to order more after we ate those all. But instead of another order, we couldn't even manage to eat these sushi(s).

I started to hate the fact that there were to many Indonesians who lived in Guangzhou now. There were two Indonesians who ate there too, right behind my seat and when I wanted to find out if they really were Indonesians, I sneaked and tried to listen to their conversation. And guess what, they really were.

Okay, let's forget about my silly act and move on to the story line. Eating 30 to 40 pieces of sushi was not that easy. Seriously. Especially if you don't really like sushi. The sushi with tuna were strange and I don't like it. But the octopus ones were (always) great. The green ones were okay. I also eat a cup of cooked eggs which taste like tofu. I don't know the name but there it is.

Ahem. Excuse me and my silly faces. Well we spent more than an hour there but still can not manage to eat all of them. And we played game to make one of us eat the existing sushi(s). First we played Rock, Paper and Scissors but Felly always losed that she forced me to find another game. I losed at the second game at it made me have to eat more sushi(s). Until we finally ate them all. Yeay!

Boy boy boy, sushi buffet was great. But it didn't succeed to make me like sushi and friends. And do not ever take me to another sushi buffet. Well at least for this time.

The other thing. I will not eat any sushi for a month. That is my promise. I have had enough of them. Family Mart's sushi counts!

New Family Member

Another DOMO pet I got from a friend of mine. He gave me this after we were having lunch together with some friends. What funny is, when he took this thing out of his bag and showed me, I did not really pay attention that I don't know what it was. After a few seconds of silence thoughts, I then realized what it was and I jumped. The biggest DOMO I have now. Cute, isn't he? <3

出 (SAIDA) 口

The title was taken from my roomate's album in Facebook for our trip's picture to Macau on the new year's eve. It means the exit door. Like what I promised before I'll tell more about my trip to Macau a couple days ago.

This wasn't the very first time I went there so I wasn't that excited to be there. I actually did not want to go, but because this year was my roomate's last year of college and she asked me to go with them so I did.

Not much to do when we got there. As usual, The Ruins of St. Paul is always a choice. We got there at about 3, checked-in to the hotel, put the baggages into the room then took a bus to the ruins.

After milk tea, eggtarts and Ireland Potatoes (yum) we got back to the hotel and prepared for the night. For your information, my roomate's boyfriend is also coming with us, but you won't find any single picture of him here. I don't know why haha. After making up and so on, we headed to the Venetian and got something for dinner. I chosed Japanese as mine while we also ordered a super cheesy Pizza Pizza (the most expensive pizza I have ever eaten EVER zzz).

See? Sianti was dressing up while me and Natalie still wear the same outfits like what we wore in the afternoon. Well Natalie changed her jacket. I did not bring anything with me when I went there, excepts lotsa snacks. Beng-beng is my bff now haha.

Err about the countdown. The countdown was as cheesy as the expensive pizza (brr). After counting down from 10 to 1, everybody was like "OHH HAPPY NEW YEAR!". After that, everybody is going home. Just like that. No fireworks, no shoutings or what-so-ever. Later I found out that Macau doesn't allow fireworks in the city. Don't know why.

Now let's skip the cheesy new year's countdown. Right after that, we got back to the hotel. Just like what everbody else did. Preparing for the next day, to get home.

The next day, I thought we were going straight back to Guangzhou, but I was wrong. Guess what, we got back to the ruins (AGAIN) just for the milk tea. For the sake of the milk tea :P

Well, not much for this trip. This trip was about having crazy fun, polaroid pictures (ohh I got to have mine soon!), crazy selfcam pictures, silly candid pictures and also milk tea!

Remember I mentioned silly candid pictures? Saw any before? Now I'll show you what I meant. Here are some of my favorite shots ever! Haha.

This is what happened when you don't know how to capture with iPhone 4

The lost kid cried, "I want Mommy".

Err miss photographer, could you please count before taking a shot?

HAKAKAK and this is my favorite EVER. I laughed till I cried looking at this.

Haha I like this one. CUTE :3

I badly want this :(

That was the sneak-peek of what I did during my new year's eve. I was having fun. How about you all? Having the same fun? Or even better? Ahh wait. I bring something special for all of you. Special from Macau to all of you! MILK! Let me introduce you all the cutest milk boxes ever (I mentioned this on twitter and facebook too haha). Here comes my old new pal, VITASOY!

Haha like it like I do? Well this is all my report for the Macau trip. Hope you all had fun like I did then. Again, wish you all a happy new year. Better year for better us!

Well, gotta get back to homeworks and assignments now. They are all trying to kill me grr*