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I've been busy all night long with a new "project". It is painting. Well actually it is not really painting, but it is a kind of coloring using the small brush and some water paint. I started doing this two days ago and I finished making a picture of two pigs which then I gave to Felly. Now I am finishing another project that I am going to give to another friend of mine.

Now I wished I am good at painting. I really love to see how people doodle and draw so many great things. I can not even draw a good picture of a pig's legs :P

This painting's size is really small. It is only 10X15 cm. I already bought another one with 30X40 cm in size to be done in Indonesia so that I will have something to do there.

Yeay there are only 4 more days before homecoming. Poor Felly that her Dad did not allow her to get back to Indonesia. She told me that she was so sad because she's not going to have anyone to play with when we all get home.

Well that's it all for this midnight post. Hope you all have great days. Take care you all <3


  1. zomg the superman one is so cuteeeee!
    seems like everybody starts to do this paint thing, my roomate just finished hers last night and she was so happy, haha!

  2. I love your blog <3
    Following you!
    Follow me too?