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It's Not Me, It's New

Ahh it is now already 2011! Who can imagine that time goes that fast and a year has been gone for good now. 2010 is over and here comes 2011. Since I haven't greet any of you, now let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEOPLE! Everybody says that new year is a new beginning, well I do believe so, but I believe that every single day is also a new beginning :D

2010 was a great year. Many things happened. Some are happy, some are sad, but I enjoyed every single thing that happened. Let's have a quick list of what (I remember) happened during 2010 :)

  • New year trip with schoolmates to Zhao Qing, China.
  • Started and ended a relationship with someone.
  • Summer camp trip to Beijing, China.
  • Family holiday to Malaysia.
  • Turned 19 and be in the second-year of college.
  • Experienced 2010 Asian Games City Volunteer and met Agum Gumelar
  • Several trips to Shenzhen and Macau.

Not much I guess, but I am wishing that this year I will do better, I will be better. And for this new year I already had some plans that I wished may happen this year or so called new year's resolutions? I planned to made it to a picture but anyway I was lazy to, so here it goes :P

  • Be more friendly to people and strangers.
  • Better time-managing.
  • Better finance managing (not spending money on un-necessarry things)
  • Experience my first part time job
  • Learn new recipes :D
  • Save money to buy Fujifilm Mini Instax 7s!
  • Visit other cities in China (Shanghai will absolutely do!)
  • Lose fats (again and again :P)
  • Skip less classes (this does not mean no class skipped!)
  • Get an HSK test.
  • Make Dad and Mom happy, for anything :)
  • Get a permanent wavy hair (still thinking about this one).

See, my resolutions are just that simple! I tried to make it as simple as possible so that it will not be impossible for me to achieve them all. Wish me luck, guys!

There are three biggest things that will happen this January and they are :

  1. Jay Zhou's World Tour Concert in January 15, 2011
  2. Finals on the third week of January
  3. Homecoming at January 22, 2011.

I really can't wait for number 1,3 while for 2 I wished I could skip them :P

Well now, how about you? Have you listed your own new year's resolution? I will be glad to hear from you all, guys. Again, happy new year all. Jesus be with us :)

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