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See You Agus!

This is a late report of the farewell party for one of our friend. Agus, he is. He is going back to Indonesia, for some reasons, and one of them is to get married with his girlfriend! It was funny how he react when we talk about him and how he is going to marry someone soon. He is only twenty two!

The small party was held on December 29, 2010 at Guangzhou HEMC (Daxuecheng), right on our COOL (Community Of Love). We shared stories also ate great food. Just posted this now because I just saw the pictures tagged by one of our friends, Ci Lady. Almost all the pictures were taken by her, but all the pictures below were edited by her. I quite like her editing skill. Simple but looked great. Check them out :)

Now time for game : guess which one is Agus. Haha bet you all can guess :P

Well, for Agus (I don't even know if he's gonna read this. Haha) :
It was really nice to know you. Wherever you go, always be the light for others. Keep on fire in your ministry. God will always be there with you if you walk with Him. I guess I'll see you soon. God bless you always, my friend :)


Guangzhou weather is really not friendly today. It is freaking COLD! I wore more than three pieces but still feel cold. The blowing wind is evil. He really is grr*

I just finished one of my finals. I studied a little for this test. Luckily the test was not really hard, but it was not easy at all too. I wished I am gonna pass. Well well well, four more finals to go. Jiayou Sas! #fingercrossed

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