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Sushi Krazy

I have been craving to try sushi buffet for quite a long time. Two weeks, perhaps? And today I finally had one. Me and Felly went to PO Park and had our crazy sushi time!

Well, just so you know, I am not a fan of sushi but I don't know why I wanted so much to try the buffet because I have never had even once while my friends always go and have some. And I finally had my first!

When the sushi(s) came, we were so excited to eat them all. We even planned to order more after we ate those all. But instead of another order, we couldn't even manage to eat these sushi(s).

I started to hate the fact that there were to many Indonesians who lived in Guangzhou now. There were two Indonesians who ate there too, right behind my seat and when I wanted to find out if they really were Indonesians, I sneaked and tried to listen to their conversation. And guess what, they really were.

Okay, let's forget about my silly act and move on to the story line. Eating 30 to 40 pieces of sushi was not that easy. Seriously. Especially if you don't really like sushi. The sushi with tuna were strange and I don't like it. But the octopus ones were (always) great. The green ones were okay. I also eat a cup of cooked eggs which taste like tofu. I don't know the name but there it is.

Ahem. Excuse me and my silly faces. Well we spent more than an hour there but still can not manage to eat all of them. And we played game to make one of us eat the existing sushi(s). First we played Rock, Paper and Scissors but Felly always losed that she forced me to find another game. I losed at the second game at it made me have to eat more sushi(s). Until we finally ate them all. Yeay!

Boy boy boy, sushi buffet was great. But it didn't succeed to make me like sushi and friends. And do not ever take me to another sushi buffet. Well at least for this time.

The other thing. I will not eat any sushi for a month. That is my promise. I have had enough of them. Family Mart's sushi counts!


  1. akhirnya,naak...setelah "pemaksaan" ngga berhasil,kau menyerahkan dirimu sendiri untuk coba buffet sushi...dan seperti biasanya,setelah buffet pasti smua mengumumkan diri sendiri untuk "puasa" sushi plg lama sebulan, hakshaks! xP
    pesen brp banyak tuh sama felly?

  2. hahaha gue udah kapok lahh. enek bgt sm sushi :P
    ga banyak tau. cuma 30-40 biji.
    awalnya sok2 mau nambah. pesenan awal aja ga habis2 haha.