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In this time of homecoming, Mom has been my very best friend. I talked a lot with her. Well eventhough the conversations between us were never something really important. Here I come with two examples of the conversations I had with Mom.

Scene 1 - February 14, 2011.
We were in the kitchen. Mom was preparing for lunch, while I was sitting, helping her peeling the garlics (Is peeling the right verb for garlics? Well, whatever).
Mom : Today is the valentine, right?
Me : Yes it is. Why are you asking that, Mom?
Mom : Nope, I just wondered, why didn't ***** (my ex's name, censored for the matter of privacy :P) send you any flowers or chocolate?
Me : Come on Mom. Ex is just an ex. Did he have to send those thing to me?
Mom : Well, of course he has to.....
Me : ARGH!
Mom : What happened?
Me : Great. I cut myself.

Scene 2 - February 16, 2011
We took the motorbike, heading to the market. Suddenly we saw a crazy man, sleeping on the street.
Mom : Look, your boyfriend.
Me : Well, look, your son-in-law.

Those were just some of many crazy things I talked about with Mom. She was just great, being a good friend for me. Well that is just one of million reasons why I love Mom <3

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