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Just Haven't Gotten Used To, Not Yet

From left to right :
1. Good-looking-hair only lasts until you get out from the hair-dresser :P
2. Meters/bowne shopping voucher I got yesterday from Ailing (and it has Tuzki on it!)
3. A few days after I got back to Guangzhou, Felly gave me Jay Zhou "The Era" Concert DVD she got from Hongkong, a green WWJD bracelet and a beautiful rainbow card. I loooove them so much. Just so you know, I planned to get the DVD myself and suddenly Felly gave me it. I am so happy, thank you Felly ♥

I've been wanted to post something to this blog for so long, but didn't have any idea what to post here until today I told myself that I have to write something tonight, and here I go :)

Ahh I haven't tell, I have gotten back to Guangzhou and this is my fourth semester in college. Still, so many classes to go to and what's even worse is I got class every Thursday night. I hate night classes, I really do. But anyway I'm still gonna have to do it and I have to do better this semester. Well I mean eat better, sleep better, play better :P

Another story. I went to Macau (again). I've been there like A LOT times and I counted the Macau stamps on my passport and there were 8 stamps on it, which means I've been there for eight times. But this time's trip was absolutely fun! I crazily had fun with Albert, Felly and Ci Sophie. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Maybe I'll post the pictures after I get them from Ci Sophie or Felly, oh but we did took pictures with my instax. I'm sad I still haven't found any scanners yet T^T

Whoah I just realized that if I keep writing I'm gonna write a very long story about myself. Maybe it's enough for today. I'm just writing so that you all know that I still exist :P

Soooo wish you all have great days yah! Take a good care of yourself. God bless!

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