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Yes, No, Wait

Picture was taken during my flight getting back to Guangzhou from Xi'An :)

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend, for some particular reasons. A desperate she was, that she was thinking to end up her life. Well, she at last didn't because me personally thought she wouldn't even have enough guts to do so. And I was right.

Let's stop here for awhile. Moral of the first paragraph : never ever make decisions when you're sad or angry, and at the same time, also never make promises when you're happy. You know, just in case so that you won't do something permanently (sorry to say) stupid just because you're temporarily upset.

Back to the topic, she was telling me the story why they broke up and she was obviously upset about the thing that happened. I was interested on the part when she told me that she always prayed for her (ex)boyfriend. By the way, my friend is a Christian, just like I am and her boyfriend was not. You know, she always prayed for the thing that her boyfriend someday will be just like her, and let's just say she hoped that one day she would live happily ever after with this guy.

She kept asking me, why God didn't give answer to her prayers. I told her, well God already did. And for you, the answer was "No, he's not the one for you." That counts as an answer, right? After I told her so, her response was "Oh, then God doesn't love me for He didn't give me what I wanted".

Funny how she could think in such way for she's been a Christian for quite long time. We always been told that God has three ways in answering our prayers and they are yes, no, or wait. 

Here, what I was thinking is just how we always be selfish by only expecting yeses from Him. When it comes to nos, we just keep grumbling and whining about how unfair God is to us, or maybe just when it comes to the waits, we often are not patient enough.

The thing I want to say is, why don't we just learn to accept nos, and just believe that He's prepared something waaaaaaaay better than what we've been expecting. God knows best, doesn't He?

God says Yes, and gives you want you want.
God says No, and prepares you something better.
He says Wait, and He's preparing for you the best.


Been ill since yesterday. Getting so much better though, after 3 Panadols, Wang Lao Ji(s) and Tolak Angin(s), guess I'll be back soon. This is just so not me, lying on the bed with nothing to do and pitying myself. Get well soon, Sas :)

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