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2012 Uncensored

It is almost the end of the year. I can't believe it is only three more days before 2012 actually will leave us, or maybe we're leaving 2012? LOL I'm not that sure also. What I can say is simply this year has been bringing me too many blessings and I really can't stop thanking God for each day of it.

When 2012 first started I set some goals for myself and I am proud to say that almost all of them are achieved. Thank Lord for that and today in this post I really want to list some things that I learned this year and also things that made my 2012 beautiful. And oh yaa, please bear with some random photos because I just really wanted to put some pictures from 2012 as a memory :P

This year I managed to get myself some side jobs (sell airplanes tickets, helping people in trading service, translating and also teaching), earned some extra money (was not that much though LOL) and proudly announced that with the money I managed to get Pa and Ma a gift. It was not a too-expensive gift that is to be proud of but what made me proud that they liked it and they appreciated it.

The other thing that is really to be thankful for, that I am surrounded by people that are so lovely and have been blessings for me. I mean like God kept taking a very good care of me by those around. They didn't only do me good things but also from each person I learned different lessons and I just felt like I am the most blessed person in the whole world :D

By the way, this year I also turned 21. I believe it is not a really young age (not old too, though LOL) and I believe that this is a start for me before heading for a tougher future ahead, as an adult. I tried to cut off the negativity inside me as much as I can, even though I know nobody is perfect, but I am aiming to day by day be closer to it. Beside, this will be the last age for me in college nooooooooooo. HAHA. But hey, the most important thing is to realize that God has been here with me for more than 21 years, every single day, not even one missed :)

Managed to visit so many new places that I've never been to. I went to Phuket and Koh Samui with my family, China road trip (Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou) with Chintia, Hanoi and Halong Bay with Arbi, Albert and Ika. I really enjoy traveling and I really really hoped that next year I'll go to other great places that will bring me a lot of new experiences. AMEN to that :)

I also got so many blessings through my ministry at church, I hoped for a better GBI GZ Youth that I kind of lead and I thought that it really did become better and I believed improvement has no limit and we got to keep trying our best. I thanked God for the opportunity He has given me to serve Him. And by the way, this year I managed to finish my second Bible reading. Can't wait to get to the third :)

Ahh almost forgot! This year I had the chance to do more about things I am passionate about. I did my first music cover with Agustin (GO GO GOGI) and also did a lot of nail arts. It was really great and cool for me :))

The other small things I did but I am really glad I did is I blog quiet often, even though it was not started since 2012 began, but I am really glad I started to blog more often and now looking back at the old posts just make me feel so good. I feel like I managed to keep my life on track. So actually, keep blogging was one of my 2013 resolutions (spoiler alert LOL).

Guess I'm done with writing the things. I'm really that not good when it comes to writing. I feel like I should have write more and better but I just can't LOL. So as the semi-closing of the post, this is the most important lesson that I got this year. BEING GRATEFUL. Seriously, this is an old lesson that everybody may have known but this year, this is the biggest thing I learned.

As they say it is not the happy person that is grateful, but it is the grateful person that is happy. I experienced that and now I know. I learned that being grateful is not just about accepting big things that make you happy. Gratitude is about every little thing in life. Giving thanks is to realize that God is always there for you. His presence exists in every single time in your life. Even waking up in the morning already is something to be thankful for, if you just look and think closer. So I am learning that I should be more grateful day by day because I believe that there is no highest limit in giving thanks.

So, I am thanking God for every little thing in my life that God has given to me. For great people around me, for the care they always gave to me, for the best school I believed Lord has placed me in, for my best family, for my best dorm, for the great community I am in, for everything.

Now the thing is that I really can't wait for 2013 and start counting blessings (literally) :)

Simple Christmas

Just dropping by to wish everybody Merry Christmas! I hope everyone's having a great one. Me, I was spending today's Christmas with my sister. Yes family time. This Christmas has been bringing me a lot of blessings since December first started and I am really thankful. So, well guys I hope you all are having a blessed one too :)

Galaxy Love

Weheee finally managed to do galaxy on my nails. This time I also went under the tutorial from polishandpearls.com and well, I personally think it was not too bad as a first attempt.

So the list of polish I was using on this time's nail art was BK (Chinese Brand) black polish. O.P.I's Austin-tatious Turquoise, I Vant To Be A-Lone Star, My Pointe Exactly, Piroutte My Whistle and also my Faceshop's pink polish (plus O.P.I's RapiDry Top Coat). But the other thing is, I think it looked much better at photos compared to the real life, well doesn't matter that much though. LOL.

Happiness Is Simple

Yesterday finally had a chance to go to Simply Life with Etin. I personally think this place was quite good, definitely will come back again some time. By the way, Etin was having a blueberry cheesecake (and a croissant also with a nice cup of earl grey tea) while I was having a chocolate truffle. Thank Lord for another blessed day :)

I've been spending about three to four hours since yesterday, writing around 20 Christmas cards. It was tiring, to be honest, but I really hope that those who get them will be blessed and will be happy, of course. So, do you think you're gonna receive one them? LOL.

All I Want For Christmas Is This, And This, Oh And This Also

Here comes my greedy list, the things that I want need for this Christmas
  1. New Agenda. New year's coming and I do believe this thing is a must-have. I found it really hard to find the agenda that suits me, but when I really do, it came to be really expensive. This treasure (as what Taobao would call it LOL) was from Monopoly (a Korean brand, I guess?) and I think this is just so cute.
  2. Charles & Keith's flats. I am also considering about getting a loafer instead.
  3. You're gonna cry if you take a look at my current wallet. It was a 30 Yuan priced wallet that I bought from Gui Hua Gang LOL and I've been using it for more than 2 years. So, I really need a new wallet. This one also comes from Charles and Keith.
  4. Don't you think this is just gorgeous? I found this galaxy printed backpack from Jansport. I guess I need this because my old backpacks, well I am just bored with them LOL.
  5. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I found my O.P.I Top Coat quite disappointing, so I am thinking about switching to this better top coat. Oh, I still haven't get the chance to buy Essie's Matte About You that I've been craving.
  6. New Nail Polish. Well actually I have enough nail polish for now but I just think I need some new ones, since I've been wanting to do some galaxy nails for so long. I think this O.P.I Light My Sapphire will be one of a good base color for galaxy nail art.
  7. New Nail Art Brush. No explanation needed. As a nail-artist *cough-cough* I think I just need this for my professional use LOLOL kidding, I just need a new one since the old one's not so good because I've been using it too many times.
So Santa, if you give me these, I promise I'll be a good kid next year #fingercrossed.

I Just Can't Have Enough Christmas On My Nails

So I was stuck while working on my thesis proposal, so I decided to blog-walk yet ended up finding this super adorable nail art tutorial from Simply Rins (again!). I woke up this morning and the first thing I did after taking bath was of course, le nail drawing time~

DO NOT compare these mine to the real inventor of the nail art because YES I know mine were super messy. But turned out I still like them very much. Thank you Tika for lending me here dark blue and glitter nail polish that I do not own. I really like the glitters that made them look like starry and also snowy effect. To my nails, everyday in December is Christmas :P

She's Turning Nineteen

So today was one of our friends, Ina's, birthday. Just got home after holding a mini surprise for her. Well I hope she's happy with the surprise and she was having a blessed birthday. Once again, happy birthday, Ina。 God bless yaaa  :)

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Super loving my current nail art! So I was googling about Christmas themed nail art and I found this tutorial. I really can not say no to this design, too cute to resist :3 

I started painting this at around 10 or 11 last night. It took me just about one hour to finish these, but I got to wait until 2 AM because I was afraid they were not dry enough that I'd ruined them. Fortunately, when I got up this morning, they were still just fine #happy. But I really need to complain about my top coat, I think I need a new one hmm. Anyway this is a closer look to each of them. Can you guess out what each nail represents? :D

Le Magic Box

Remember the storage box that I stated here? Today I am going to show you that container that I fill with my super kit (read : nail-art kit LOL). So today's post will be about my collection of nail polish and tools per November 2012. Maybe it is not really important, well I know you're just curious ;) 

Tadaa! There it goes, one of my most treasured treasures LOL. So if you take a look at it more detail, you will see that I put numbers on the picture, to make sign of each part of the storage box.

1. Nail Polish Collection
Those are all the nail polish I have, well actually I think it is enough for this time, because I used them mostly just to draw on nails so as long as I have the common colors (like blue, red, yellow, pink etc) I think it is enough (for now LOL).

As you may already saw, those are all the polish I had. They are O.P.I's Do You Lilac Me, Alpine Snow, Room For The Blues and the Base and Top Coat. And also the super gorgeous Outrageous Neons (read more here), Orly's Ancient Jade, some Face Shop's and also the mini nail polish set. The mini nail polish set was my very first nail polish (you may see the post here), along with the O.P.I Base and Top Coat that I bought at an online shop.

Which are my favorite ones? Ugh can't decide. I love them all so much :3

2. Nail Art Tools
I put all my nail art tools (dotting tools and nail-art brushes) in a Ferrero Rocher box that was gifted from a friend. Saved money, didn't have to buy smaller container LOL. Beside dotting tools and brushes, the box also contained some stickers to help nail-art doing process.

Above are the dotting tools and the brushes that I used while doing nail art. I usually only use one brush (the white one) and now I guess I need another new one.

3. Other Kits

Okay, last but not least, my palettes, to put colors when drawing, and the nail polish remover (O.P.I's Expert Touch Lacquer Remover and a China's brand) and also the cotton for the nail polish removing. I also use a lot of cotton bud while doing nail art though, since I mess a lot LOL.


Okay so those were all babies I have for now. One day when my collection gets bigger (?) LOL I'll probably make another post about this. Hope you enjoy this post and catch ya later! PS. This post was made just for (my) fun :P

One Fine Day

So I just got home after joining a friend of mine's, Sisil, pre-graduation photo shoot. Me, Tika and Natalie got there at around 11 to take some picture with her and some other friends, but we got to wait for around an hour until we could take picture with them #phew. And meanwhile, these were some shoots while we were waiting.

Girls always made good friends with selfcam, right? LOL
Among all flower buckets, this was my favorite. I was sneaking while taking this picture LOL.
He (or maybe she) was not the only one who dressed. There were still the other some.
After waiting and waiting, finally it was our time to take pictures with the "almost-graduates". So did we take some pictures with Sisil and the other friend of her, Santet (LOL I forgot his real name). It was really exciting to take pictures like these I guess. Mine (graduation photo-shoot) will be held next semester, really can't wait :3

Okay, that was it for today. Just a quick post before taking a nap and preparing for today's Youth Service ministry. Have a great weekend for you all, God bless :)

Bad Hair Day Is Still A Good Day

Intended to find some property for the Christmas event, yet ended up with "girls talk" time with Etin. Well, more than three hours talk will perfectly described it LOLOL. So today we went to the Queen's at the Tianhe Fashion Plaza (a quiet new small arcade walk, located near Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center MRT station).

Meet Chaterine a.k.a Etin, le dongsaeng! LOL.
Girls talk won't be complete without some sweeties, don't you think? :D So did we order some companions for our Friday afternoon, Etin with her Seasonal Fruits Belgium Waffle and me with the Uji Matcha Honey Toast. I've been like craving to eat this kind of thing (the honey toast), because I have been seeing people eating things like those and I really did want to try that since I never did (yes, I am that katrok LOL).

The honey toast was okay, even though it was not that special either, but Etin seemed not to like her waffles so much, since she only ate one out of the four waffles, but she kindly helped me with the honey toast a.k.a Tembok Yerikho :))

I am not that kind of Starbuck fans, but I've been falling in love with its Peppermint Signature Chocolate (that is only available during Christmas!) since the very first time I sipped it. Now that I've found a new best friend in winter, even the reindeer on my nails seem to love it too. Look at how happy he was LOL.

Looks like we found another happy kiddo, when it comes to Peppermint Signature Chocolate :))