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Happy Pills

Holla! Today I'm gonna take you all for a "galau" trip (so did Agustine name it) to Guangzhou's well known  Pearl River a.k.a 珠江. Me and Agustine spent some time on a boat trip sailing along the Pearl River for approximately 50 minutes.

I'm somehow embarrassed that been here in Guangzhou for almost three years but haven't been doing this while Agustine on her first year, this already was her second visit LOL.

The trip starts everyday on 8 PM while me and Agustine were already there at around 7, so did we wait patiently for the trip to start. By the way it took us 48 Chinese Yuan per person for a single trip (it's for the seats on 2nd floor, seats on 1st floor cost less) , not cheap but not expensive too if I can say. But the fun we had was worth the money :D So, are you ready for it? 

Here we go here we go!
Can you see the Canton Tower there? :D
Sorry for the not-so-good pictures. My pocket camera is kind of sucky when it comes to moving objects (I mean the boat not the buildings LOL) and too bad that just when we're getting so clooooooose to the Canton Tower, my camera ran out of battery that I couldn't take any more picture. But don't you agree that the view was so great? :D

Was having a real good night, haha Agustine was right. Sitting on a boat, feeling the summer night breeze, who wouldn't feel "galau"? Talked about separating thingy and how people sometimes are annoying because some people just care too much about what you've been doing but at the other point those people were just trying to be nice to you. Well, people :P

I hope you're enjoying this post just like I am hehe. Was planning to spend the rest of the day doing nothing, had one of the finals this morning and found myself couldn't answer so many questions *pasrah mode : ON* LOL. So, that was it then. Have a great day you peeps!

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