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Pizza Lunch

Choosing Pizza Hut for lunch today with the girls, as Pizza Hut's offering a promotion, 50% discount for different selected food, every day. Today they were offering the New Orleans Wings and Black Forest Cake.  And these are what we had for today's lunch :D

From top to bottom : New Orleans Pizza, Spaghetti with Chicken in Lemon Grass Sauce, New Orleans Wings, Chocolate Bread Pudding with Ice Cream, Black Forest Cake
To me the best ones were the wings and the spaghetti. We were expecting much from the bread pudding but well it looked way better on the menu than how it really tasted LOL. Spent time playing Temple Run after lunch and somehow this happened : 

It's Thursday afternoon, which usually is the lazy time for me. Well the exam's weeks are coming soon yet I still have soooo many undone thesis and assignments. Should be starting soon or else I'll get screwed. Well, we'll see how I'll be doing. Have a great day, by the way :D

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