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Pretty Pretty Please

Hi there, was having a great Sunday today. Me, Agustine and Chintia went to 北京路步行街 (read : Bei Jing Lu Pedestrian Street) to grab some lunch at Tiger Prawn, probably the best Vietnamese restaurant in town, considering how crowded it gets every single day and of course, weekends. Here are today's menu :

Top to bottom : Traditional Vietnamese Style BBQ Pork Ribs,  Deep Fried Beancurd mixed with Oyster
Sauce and Deep Friend Crispy Skin Chicken
Did not order much because there were just three of us. Were not the best choices of the menu though, I prefer the other kind of chicken which I forgot the name, but the pork ribs and the tofu was good :D Agustine and Chintia supposed to find a "quite place" to study but they keep galau-ing about where to go until I said "Let's go to POPark and grab some cheesecakes and you guys may study there". But guess what, until the end, they didn't even grab their books out of their bags. Kiddos these days LOL.

Just a simple post before taking bath and started to write the thesis that has to be done before Wednesday *sigh* here comes the sleepless long nights because of the assignments :| By the way, it was Agustine who taught me that the main point of taking pictures of food is to make people who see it want to eat it. Well, do I make any of you feel like eating, no? 

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