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Such A Dreamer

Just got home from a lunch with classmates. Been having a really great mood since morning and it still lasts until now and hope it will last for the rest of the day, and for the next upcoming days. Has to!

some of the classmates, 2009B!
Each of us was also given "award" to the thing that describes us most. It was cute, I mean like it also shows that each of us got our own uniqueness inside us. Anybody guess what award I just received, no?

Tadaa, mine was the 最佳 Nail Girl 奖 (read : Best Nail Girl Award). Haha cute isn't it? Even though this is just for fun or maybe not really important, but it kinda makes my day. Thank you classmates :) 

Another unexpected thing also happened today. Me and Jane wore the same outfit without any saying to each other haha no wonder they called us twin because we really looked like one. What do you think?

black t-shirt, necklace, gray shorts, TLTSN flats, what else? LOL
That is all for now, just a quick post before going for an early dinner with Chintia and Jane at Pizza Hut. As what I mentioned before, they got promotion for each day's menu and today's is the steak and the soup. Gotta go and meet my meat LOL. Ciao!

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