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Be Home Soon

So I only got around 15-20 minutes to make this post because I'll have to go to the airport very soon. Sigh I thought I got soooooooo much time but now I'm running out of time. My consequences as a last minute person LOL. So these are some pictures from this past week.

From top to bottom : (1) SALE, SALE everywhere (2) Having a date with myself to Beijinglu LOL
(3) A nail art challenge : Manchester United nail art. Not too bad, eh? (4) How messy my desk has been since the exam week started (5) Random photo, bright blue sky haha (6) Culinary trip with my lovely Jane 
and it was worth the one hour trip LOL (7) Visiting one of my heaven on earth, bookstore stationery corner (8) Random finding while going grocery shopping today : CORN CHO. Haven't tried it though but I'm expecting much from it haha (9) My chicken sub and friends (wheat cookie and double chocolate cookie loooooove) for afternoon snack :9 (10) My companion for tonight haha.

The other thing I'm gonna tell is a request from Jane LOL. She told me I have to tell this on my blog haha (here you go, Jane). So I was planning to eat a lot of thing today. I planned to get myself my favorite Marinara Meatballs Sub but when I get to Subway I found out that they no longer have it on the menu list (OH GOD WHY) and I ended up eating the chicken sub. The next thing is I planned to eat chow-mien as my last dinner in Guangzhou but when I was on the way to buy it, again I found out the hawker didn't come (or hadn't come when I got there) so I said to myself let's just eat instant noodle. My favorite one was the spicy beef something but THEY DID NOT SELL IT so I ended up eating that one above. Oh almost forgot. Planned to have Taiwanese Style Rice something but when I got there, THEY DID NOT HAVE IT. Oh why don't they let me eat? Just why? LOL. But what matters is I still got to eat something. That is still something to be grateful for, isn't it? Well sorry if this gets confusing because I am in a rush while typing this LOLOL.

Haha I really should be going soon. So just so you know I did my packing in less than 30 minutes LOL and now I'm ready to set off. Too bad I'll have to go by myself to the airport. Why would nobody go with me? Why? Why? (read with annoying girl sound LOL)

Okay I'm not kidding, I really got to go now. My summer holiday is waiting for me haha. So this will be my last posting from Guangzhou for this semester's period. The next posting will come from Indonesia (most likely) haha. So wish you guys have a pleasant holiday, vacation whatsoever and see you on the next posting. So long and good night. Ciao~

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