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Breakfast Date

Basic air-travelling guides for dummies, from, by and for Sastika Taniady :
1. If you're going to take a long plane trip, like for about 5 hours or more and you're afraid that you won't be able to sleep on the plane, simply make yourself super busy on the day before your departure, or simply get less sleep the night before so that when you board to the plane, all you'll die to get is just some proper sleep. But if you ended up can not sleep as well on the plane, oh well..
2. Low cost airlines companies (like Airasia, for example) usually do not provide blankets so make sure you bring your own blanket or AT LEAST bring a jacket with you. But if you ended up forgetting to bring any of them, oh well..
3.DO NOT do the packing thing one hour before going to the airport, just don't.

Guess who's home? Yes, I am blogging right now from home :) Been spending pretty much time on the plane since 1 in the morning today. Reached Kuala Lumpur at around 6 and managed to meet Agustine at LCCT and had some breakfast together at Old Town and then having Hojicha + Tea Jelly Frappuccino and doing silly things at Starbucks (camwhoring, also stalking at people's Facebook LOLOLOL).

I really have to say thank you very much, Belly for accompanying me for almost six hours at the airport (she came all the way to the airport really early in the morning just for this). And I am really really really touched haha. You should know that I really really really appreciate that. I am blessed to have such a friend like you. I hope we'll be meeting soon other time <3

So, here I am now at the place I called and still call home. Seeing the faces I've been missing (Pa, Ma and Bro) and I am feeling really thankful, grateful for all Lord has done for me. By the way, this is the new thing I found in Pekanbaru (read : food LOL)

Tasted pretty good though LOL. So, I'll be spending about one week (or maybe two) at Indonesia before having a family vacation to Thailand. Been feeling pretty excited. I am hoping that I'm gonna meet some old friends here but we'll just see. Thanks for reading, take a good care of yourself all. I'm gonna go to bed soon. Been so tired since I didn't get to sleep well for these past two days. God bless you all :)

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