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Hello July

Time flies real fast, don't you agree? Just in a blink of an eye (halah) it is already the last half year of 2012. Don't know if I've been doing things well these times. Well, just a quick post about what's been happening on the past week. As usual, I was having great days :)

Nails of the week : Tribal nail art, major looooooooove <3
Darius' graduation, congraduation yay :3

Another *sigh* farewell, and now it's Agustine's turn

You will be missed, Belly LOL
Exam weeks already started and I just had a final this morning, didn't really study for it but THANKS GOD I was still able to answer the questions, well just hope for the best then. Really shouldn't keep being lazy like this. I need motivation LOL. Well, that's all for today, have a blessed July, fellas :)

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