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Remembering Sunday

Currently obsessed with Guangzhou's clear blue sky. I love to walk by and looking up, looking at the pretty blue sky and the clouds. Just looking at it makes me feel calm, suddenly feeling so blessed for being able to see beautiful thing like this, despite of the really dry hot weather. Being grateful of little things does make my days better :)

So today I was having a "farewell" dinner with Ci Olin, one of my church-mate, some of my so-called sister at church. Choosing Saizeriya, one of the most affordable and nicest Italian restaurant, well to me :P

Companion of the day <3
Ci Olin will be back to Indonesia for about seven months before coming back again to Guangzhou, and we both will be having our graduation together yaay. So before this temporary parting, we're having some kind of girls night out. Been talking about sooooooooooooooo much things (you know girls :P). I always feel like I can talk to this girl about everything. So, I guess I'll be seeing her in another seven months and will definitely have another "session" like this. She said she was waiting for "upgrades" from me. You know I know lah yaa Ci LOL.

So, been having a spectacular weekend and I'm being excited about the next upcoming week. Life's been treating me really good, well God who did though hehe. Until next time. Ciao~

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