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Phuket Photo Diary - Part I

A big hello! This summer holiday has been really great for me. Been to so many places, and I'm going to share each place I've been to. Now I am back to my temporary home for 4 years (read : Guangzhou) LOL and I'm going to start with my very first stop. Phuket Island - Thailand it is.

I first took flight from Pekanbaru to Kuala Lumpur and then heading straight to Phuket. When I got there it was already late in the night so we just took some walk around the hotel we stayed in at Patong Beach, and dinner, of course. There were so many Thai restaurants for you to choose and here are some of what we had for dinner.

After dinner, we took a walk at Bangla Road. This road is full of bars, night clubs, you name it. There were even some strippers dancing along the road. If you're taking children with you, this place is not recommended, for sure. I don't really love this place also, maybe the atmosphere does not suit people like me LOL. I prefer having fancy Thai pancakes :9

The next day, me and family decided to take a one day tour to Phi-Phi Island, another island not so far from Phuket. We took the speed boat to get the island and we also stopped by in some spots, either to swim or doing some snorkeling - PS. The speed boat will never fail to make you feel sea sick. EVEN IF you're not that kind of person that gets seasick easily :S

The next destination is probably my favorite one while I was in Thailand. Khai Island it is. After having lunch at the Phi-Phi Island, the tour continued to this place. Calling this island summer paradise won't be overrated, I guess. Wondering why, here are my some random captures :)

What do you think? Pretty, isn't it? Well those were the places I've been and some random findings I saw while I was at Phuket. I'm going to share my other stories still from Phuket on my next post :) And by the way, here are some tips I wanted to share based on what I experienced on my vacation. I hope you find these helpful, if you're planning to travel to Phuket someday :)
1.Traveling addicts should have known about this website. If you don't, Agoda has many good deals for hotels all around the world. My Dad booked all hotels there and it was quite satisfying, so I think this is quite recommended. 
2.If you're self traveling or not joining a tour group, you can get half day or one day tour (to islands like Phi-Phi Island, James Bond Island etc) or shows tickets (Simon Cabaret, Phuket Fantasea etc) at many small "tour agents" spread along the main street of Patong Beach. Their prices usually are slightly cheaper than those available on hotel's tour service. 
3.Patong Beach is the most crowded area in Phuket, so staying here maybe will be more convenient since you'll be able to find hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, everything here easily. 
4.Big restaurants, of course, require you to pay way more expensive than you should really have. Never hesitate to try street food stalls and see if there are many locals who buy it. Cheaper food, the real local taste :9
So, I hope you're enjoying this post as much as I do, so take care then. I guess see you later on my next post? Hehe. God bless you all :)

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