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Phuket Photo Diary - Part II

These are the pictures from the third and the fourth day at Phuket. Actually I went to Koh Samui Island after two days in Phuket and continued the Phuket trip after coming back from Samui. There won't be as many pictures as previous post but anyway, here we go.

The night after we arrived from Samui, we went to watch the Simon Cabaret. This is a show that all the actors (or maybe actress?) are all Thai "ladyboys". Some people found this cabaret show enjoyable, but I don't really think so. After the show you can take pictures with the pretty "ladies" but don't forget to tip them minimum 40 THB (around IDR 12,000 or USD 1.2) per person. After watching this show all I'm feeling is sad because even those "ladies" have better body shape than I do LOLOLOL.

On the third day, me and family took a one-day city tour around Phuket city. We hired a local tourist guide and he took us to some places in Phuket. The first stop on that day was the Kara Beach. This beach had slightly lesser visitors than Patong.

Don't you agree almost all beach look just the same? But however I still love being here because I can see everything blue there. Blue skies, the blue sea. The next stops are some places where we can see Phuket way up from the top of the sea point view. I forgot the places' name :| It was Karon, if I am not mistaken.

And the last day at Phuket we spent at Patong beach, walking along the sea shore and yeah feeling the wind breeze. Felt so good to be there, but I don't think I'll be there again for the second time. I'm planning to visit other beautiful cities in Thailand :) 

So next post will be about my trip to one of Thailand's most recommended travel spot : Koh Samui Island hehe. By the way, I spent today staying at dorm and not going anywhere. Managed to stay alive with some biscuits and potato chip I bought at the dorm's mini market. But at least I was being productive today, managed to do another nail art today, with the abstract theme. Been using almost all nail polishes I had haha, but I put too much top coat. Kinda ruined it. Anyway see you on the next post :)

Other some basic tips for traveling in Phuket, Thailand :
1. Jungceylon, the big shopping centre on Phatong beach main street, has many choices for your dining and shopping pleasures. For dining, they have almost everything (Burger King, Mc Donalds, KFC, Fuji Japanese Restaurants, Haagen Dasz, Swedens, you name it) but try going at the lower ground of the building and you will find a small food court (Food Haven) with more affordable prices and they serve Thai food from all across the country. You just need to deposit some money to the "shopping" card to buy the food and if there is still some money left when you're done buying food, you can refund the remaining credit in your card.
2. At Phuket town, there's one T-Shirt grocery store called Madunan, this place sells Thai t-shirts, souvenirs with somehow cheaper prices. The boss was a Malaysian (if I am not mistaken) so most of the shopkeepers are able to speak Malay. They have "Buy 10 Get 1 Free" for all products, by the way. They also have money exchange service, Indonesian Rupiah is accepted.
3. Don't take too many clothes with you, go get some new ones while shopping here :P Besides, laundry service is not too expensive, only costs you 50 THB (about Rp 15,000 or 1.5 USD) per kilogram.
4. Don't be surprised if you're going to the movie and before the movie started you will have to stand up for a minute or two while listening to a Thai anthem for their king, as an honoring.

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