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Another Day

Those are some of the birthday greetings I got from my dear fellas. Well yes, today was my birthday. And I am officially 21.

Speaking of birthday, actually I am that kind of person who does not really like birthdays. Weird enough? The first reason was the aging LOL. I used to hate growing older so much. As John Mayer once sang "So scared of being old, I'm only good at being young" well I guess that described me perfectly. But as now I am more mature than I was before, I believe that growing is a part of life and like it or not, it is still going to happen. Now what's left is the choice, enjoy it or not. And I am now in progress of learning :)

The other reason(s) why I don't like birthday, hmm let that just be my secret because I personally think those reasons are so selfish and I am still learning to cast all those negative things from my mind LOL.

But those things does not make me any less grateful. I am grateful, more than thankful, for those people who cared about me, for those people who loved me for who I am, even though I am lacking so much of perfection, but there were still those who keep sticking around me.

Two pretty angels Lord sent me at the middle of the night

Surprise birthday tiramisu from Diana, thanks a lot, Dee :)

A surprise from my Youth Ministry fellas, thanks people :)

I am describing my this birthday as a simpler one, as I didn't really do anything much on it. I used to go on birthdays with sooooo many presents from people around me but now I believed birthday presents were not really the main point. There was so much more.

I see my life as a very blessed one, with my Lord by my side, with the love of my parents and siblings, with those good fellas I have, with those whom I know dislike me very much, they all shaped me as what I am now. I don't know if I am a good or a bad person and I don't think that is the only way to categorize people but I am hoping that I will grow each day more likely my Heavenly Father and be a blessing for those around me.

Please pray for me that I will be a better person, way better than I am now, that I can cut off those negative thoughts that sometimes still haunt me. I believe my Lord has prepared me a really great future that I have never imagined before, way better than what I wanted and what I planned. And to achieve that, I need to be a better person :)

My birthday is going to end in about 30 minutes, so I guess I'll see you next year on my birthday post and let's see how I will progress in my personality hehe. Good night and thank you people, thank You Lord.

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