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Chilly Summer

Sadly have to accept the fact that summer holiday's almost over. Oh noooooooooooo. This time's summer holiday's been treating me super good and I've been enjoying it, also with the probability that this would be the last summer I spent in China before graduating next year.

So, just a quick post about what's been happening these past weeks :)

Told you I love capturing Guangzhou's sky a lot, didn't I? LOL.
Another farewell with a church-mate; Dede.
A Korean lunch with classmates, man look at those fats haha.
A "birthday present" I gave myself : cupcakes nail art :3
They say girls love bad boys. Meet my favorite one ♥ haha.
Last but not least, I would like to invite you Indonesian fellas who's currently living in Guangzhou (or nearby) to join our welcome fellowship at our Youth Ministry this next Saturday, or maybe you who have any Indonesian friends who's currently studying here, please help me spread the message. Thank you :)

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