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I ♥ SH

Here comes my new favorite city in China : 上海! (Shang Hai) I bet all people who come here will never be able to hate this city for its beauty and its everything. Oh am I being overrated? Don't think so LOL.

So I'm going to tell about the place where the picture above was taken. It was at the "infamous" 南京路步行街 (Nan Jing Lu Pedestrian Street). This place was like Bei Jing Lu Pedestrian Street to Guangzhou and Jiang Han Lu Pedestrian Street to Wuhan, maybe?

The hotel I was staying at was at this area too so it was really convenient for me to find things to eat, to see and to shop LOL. This place was already crowded at noon but it gets way more crowded at night, even though it was workday.

The next destination was 豫园老街 (Yu Yuan Old Street). This place was full of shopping spots and always are full of tourists, local and international. This place was also near with the City God Temple (zZz forgot the Chinese name). Btw I once watched one Amazing Race episode taken here LOL.

There were not too many places I've been to at Shanghai, but this other place I went to, 上海市城市规划馆 (Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall) was also a really cool place. I am not a fan to museum thingy, but this place really was interesting. My favorite exhibition was the Shanghai City miniature. By the way, the admission ticket's price was CNY 30 (about IDR 45,000 or USD 4.5). Again, don't forget your 学生证, fellas :)

This last place is probably my favorite place at Shanghai; 外滩 (Wai Tan - The Bund). This place's night view was great and it is nice to be here and feeling the wind blowing your hair haha :P

Those were all I can introduce from Shanghai for you all, as I didn't really go to too many places there, but I do really love this city a lot and if anyone asks if I want to go there again, I'll definitely say "YES!".

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