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Baby Crayon

It has been so long since the last daily-life posts, hasn't it? But today I finally got the chance to make one yippie. So today me and some good friends went to 金家园 (Jin Jia Yuan) to grab some lunch and also to celebrate Jane's birthday several days ago. This place was a Korean-Chinese restaurant, and these were some of what we had for lunch.

They have good kimchi (in my opinion) and that was the first time I tried tteokbokkie with ramen and the seafood fries was great too. Definitely will give that place another visit again someday. Shall we, Jane? LOL.

By the way, today I managed to do some nail-art drawing for my sister. She has been requesting Crayon Shinchan's from a long time go, and today I finally granted her wish.

So can you guess all the characters out? Some really don't look the same with the real ones but I am pretty satisfied with the result. Not bad for beginners, eh?

Winter is coming soon to Guangzhou. It has been raining nonstop since yesterday and the temperature dropped so rapidly (?) LOL. So I guess I'll have to prepare myself for this weather I don't really like. Well, take care of yourself then peeps. God bless yaa :)

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