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So this is another cover from me, this time covering Maroon5's Daylight, my favorite song of the Overexposed album. One of the reason I was covering this is as a "birthday gift" to a friend who's far away from here, don't know if the person will see this or not though LOL. That person (#nomention LOL) has been requesting this song cover for quite a long time but I never got the chance to because I was yeah, busy and my roommates were always at room, but today I got home and found out nobody's home and I quickly grabbed my guitar and made this.

Well, sorry for the bad quality video and sound, also for the noisy sound behind (it was my laptop and I really don't know why he is so noisy LOL). I know it's not perfect, again I am no professional, in singing and playing guitar as well haha. But, I hope you enjoy this then :)

PS. And please excuse my boring face there LOL.

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