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I Ate So Much But I Am Fine With It

Got home from class because of stomachache (but it stopped right when I reached the dorm, good job belly LOL), got nothing to do so I tried to turn the Freegate on and surprisingly it worked! Haha I've been "inactive" several days on the internet because I overused my VPN's quota, but well now I am glad that Freegate treated me well today, because it rarely did (that is why I switched to VPN).

Okay, so today's post will be about what I ate :P On Tuesday me and several friends went to Pandan Indonesian Restaurant to grab some "afternoon tea". I ordered Nasi Kuning and also the mighty Cendol LOL but didn't take the pictures of them, here's some of what my other friends ordered. Indonesian food, simply is the best :D

The next day (read : yesterday), me and Chintia went to Alsace Village, a France restaurant that is located on 体育东路 (Ti Yu Dong Lu) to try out their menus but to bad we came not on the right time, we came on 3.30 PM so what they have were only the desserts, so I ended up having a cheese cake while Chintia with her lemon cake. Tasted good, though!

I really liked the photo of the lemon cake, makes me drool every single time I looked at it LOL. Alsace Village also has pizzas and many others on their menu, but they were quite pricey, not really suitable for a "liuxuesheng" like me LOL. And did I stop eating after that? Of course, not.

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