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The N-th Hello

Wohoo I am really glad that I managed to change my blog's appearance and I really like how it is now. Simple, but really nice. Took some time for me to deal with those HTML codes that I am not really familiar with but now I think I made quite good friends with them haha. The blog's template was downloaded from Pugly Pixel, but I did some other change from the original one. 

I also made some changes on the top of my blog, with the new header #yeah and the navigation bar that I love so much LOLOL. Do check them out :)) So, tell me now. What do you think about the changes? Is it better than the old one or you tell me you prefer the old one? Please tell me your opinions because I'll love to hear from you :)

And by the way, this afternoon I also managed to do a simple Hello Kitty manicure nail-art for Jane. This nail art was inspired by Cute Polish (find her on Youtube) and it only took us around 30 minutes to get this done. And the good thing is Jane seemed to love them :D

Today was still a very good day, even though some unexpected things happened (I am still sad about Xiao Bai T^T), but I am still grateful to know that He is always in charge of everything. Thank you Lord :)

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