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Bad Hair Day Is Still A Good Day

Intended to find some property for the Christmas event, yet ended up with "girls talk" time with Etin. Well, more than three hours talk will perfectly described it LOLOL. So today we went to the Queen's at the Tianhe Fashion Plaza (a quiet new small arcade walk, located near Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center MRT station).

Meet Chaterine a.k.a Etin, le dongsaeng! LOL.
Girls talk won't be complete without some sweeties, don't you think? :D So did we order some companions for our Friday afternoon, Etin with her Seasonal Fruits Belgium Waffle and me with the Uji Matcha Honey Toast. I've been like craving to eat this kind of thing (the honey toast), because I have been seeing people eating things like those and I really did want to try that since I never did (yes, I am that katrok LOL).

The honey toast was okay, even though it was not that special either, but Etin seemed not to like her waffles so much, since she only ate one out of the four waffles, but she kindly helped me with the honey toast a.k.a Tembok Yerikho :))

I am not that kind of Starbuck fans, but I've been falling in love with its Peppermint Signature Chocolate (that is only available during Christmas!) since the very first time I sipped it. Now that I've found a new best friend in winter, even the reindeer on my nails seem to love it too. Look at how happy he was LOL.

Looks like we found another happy kiddo, when it comes to Peppermint Signature Chocolate :))

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