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Le Magic Box

Remember the storage box that I stated here? Today I am going to show you that container that I fill with my super kit (read : nail-art kit LOL). So today's post will be about my collection of nail polish and tools per November 2012. Maybe it is not really important, well I know you're just curious ;) 

Tadaa! There it goes, one of my most treasured treasures LOL. So if you take a look at it more detail, you will see that I put numbers on the picture, to make sign of each part of the storage box.

1. Nail Polish Collection
Those are all the nail polish I have, well actually I think it is enough for this time, because I used them mostly just to draw on nails so as long as I have the common colors (like blue, red, yellow, pink etc) I think it is enough (for now LOL).

As you may already saw, those are all the polish I had. They are O.P.I's Do You Lilac Me, Alpine Snow, Room For The Blues and the Base and Top Coat. And also the super gorgeous Outrageous Neons (read more here), Orly's Ancient Jade, some Face Shop's and also the mini nail polish set. The mini nail polish set was my very first nail polish (you may see the post here), along with the O.P.I Base and Top Coat that I bought at an online shop.

Which are my favorite ones? Ugh can't decide. I love them all so much :3

2. Nail Art Tools
I put all my nail art tools (dotting tools and nail-art brushes) in a Ferrero Rocher box that was gifted from a friend. Saved money, didn't have to buy smaller container LOL. Beside dotting tools and brushes, the box also contained some stickers to help nail-art doing process.

Above are the dotting tools and the brushes that I used while doing nail art. I usually only use one brush (the white one) and now I guess I need another new one.

3. Other Kits

Okay, last but not least, my palettes, to put colors when drawing, and the nail polish remover (O.P.I's Expert Touch Lacquer Remover and a China's brand) and also the cotton for the nail polish removing. I also use a lot of cotton bud while doing nail art though, since I mess a lot LOL.


Okay so those were all babies I have for now. One day when my collection gets bigger (?) LOL I'll probably make another post about this. Hope you enjoy this post and catch ya later! PS. This post was made just for (my) fun :P

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