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My Ten Days Teaching Life

Hey, it's been long since the last time I blogged, isn't it? Let's start with some cliche thing like "I miss blogging so much", because I really did haha. But I won't take too long with this thing, of course.

It's been more than a month for my vacation in Indonesia. I've been to many places and also had new experiences. What I'll be sharing this time is about my teaching experience. Yes, teaching. I had been teaching for two weeks in one private school in Pekanbaru (SD Darma Yudha, to be exact) with my mate Jane who was also teaching in the same school. Our teaching started from February 18 and just ended yesterday.

So the question must be : what does it feel like to be a teacher? To be honest, being a teacher used to be what I wanted when I was in primary school, but it didn't last until I got into middle school. I came up to think that being a teacher is not a "cool" job, and it doesn't pay that much (that is really what I was thinking that time). But oh well, at the end God brought me there too. (That is one of the reason I know that we have to be careful with what we wished for LOL)

Okay, back to the question. Being a teacher is not that hard actually, but it is not easy, as well. I don't know if I was lucky or not, but I got to teach the primary school first grade students. First grader were really cute, no doubt at all. But there also came some time when they really got me angry haha. 

When I was a student (well I am kind of still, though), I used to think that being a teacher is easy peasy LOL. You just have to tell students to do this and that and this and that, like a boss. But oh well, again I was wrong. But still I can't decide which one is harder, being a student or being a teacher, since I really don't like studying LOL #FirstWorldProblem.

The thing is I am grateful that I had this opportunity to get this new experience and also to meet so many little cutie pies. There are some names that have become my favorite ones that I'm pretty sad that I don't know if I'll be able to see them again anymore or not. I also learned a new thing that I feel like the main point of being a teacher is not only about telling students about this and that, but to educate them more. Not only to teach them about lessons that they learned at school, but also educating them to be a better person for themselves and also for other people. Being a teacher, is not a simple thing, at all.

Since I'm not really that good with words I'll just stop here then. I'll come back soon and blog more about my vacation to several places. I would really love to have the pictures of the vacation on the blog. See you later peeps, take careeeeeeeeee.

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