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Polka and Stripes + Tutorial

Current nails. Was doing this while I was at the computer class and I brought everything I need for this nail art to my class LOL. It just got too boring while in class. Well I know it is not good, so kiddos please don't copy this LOLOL. So this was a very simple yet pretty nail art that I am sure everybody can do. By the way, here I made a super simple tutorial for this nail nart.

So at first what I did was paint my nails black (here I used O.P.I's Mourning Glory) and then painted white stripes with the striper nail polish and the last steps was to randomly make dots using the orange, yellow and pink nail polish. Super easy right? Go try it :)

PS. I am going to Shaoguan with schoolmates. Finally a refreshing after these two torturing weeks. See you at the next post, most probably about my trip Shaoguan. Byeeeeee guys.

Nail Kit by June 2013 - My Very First Vlog

Background music on video : Love is Easy - McFly and C U Next Tuesday - Ke$ha

I watched a lot of vlogs on Youtube lately, and it really made me want to make one, so here I go. I shamelessly recorded myself while one of my roommates was at the room LOLOLOL. I made a post about my previous nail polish collection here, and these are some nail art that I mentioned in the video : gradient and galaxy

By the way I forgot to mention my Seche Vite, the top coat that I am currently using, and if the video was not really good, please just bear with it. It was my first experience recording video like this and it was also my very first try of editing video. I really think it was not that bad, actually LOL. So do you think it is okay for me to make another vlog? I have already thought of another theme for my next vlog LOL. I'd love to hear back from you guys. Thanks for watching and reading :)

PS. I finally got the cover for my thesis. Just another step before my thesis to be done. Thank God :))

Just My Kind of Obsession

Planned to paint things on my nails but ended up painting on my phone case. It was pretty messy but I enjoyed every second I was spending on it. By the way can anybody guess where the idea for the design was from? LOL yes, it was my blog's background :))

Cherry Mania Girl

Got a teaching training for the next two weeks, without any day off. Yesterday was the first day and it has been pretty tough. It has been long since I woke up early to go to classes so when it comes to staying awake at class from morning till afternoon (sometimes till night) felt really hard now LOL. I was sorry to the teachers because all I did at class was playing LINE's I Love Coffee :)) 

So after the first day of the training, I went to Beijinglu to have dinner with Olin and Etin, chose Tiger Prawn for our meal and I had my favorite chicken. What's even better was ice cream for dessert! My favorite at Beijinglu was Cherry Mania from Itgo.

There is this saying in Indonesian : Teknologi mendekatkan yang jauh, menjauhkan yang dekat, apparently it's true :))
Waiting for our meal to come~
琵琶豆腐!The tofu was really good.
Tom Yum Goong, good but not really my favorite.
The Chicken Bomb!! LOL :))
Cherry for me, Green Tea for Etin :P
Preparing now for my next class at night, from seven to ten! By the way, this is my 200th post on this blog. Yaaaaay! I hope that I will keep posting things until I grow old (?) LOLOL. See you guys at the next post, be blessed blessed blessed :)

Ice cream toast! (Chill, we were only "toasting" with our hands, not the ice cream LOL)

Happy Tribal

Got an afternoon to take a breath from all the hectic things that have been happening lately and also before the next upcoming weeks that will be hectic as well, so I decided to paint my nails! It has been pretty long since the last time I was doing my nails, so I think it is time now LOL.

The theme of this nail art was rainbow tribal, very easy to do actually. At first I painted my nails with the white base and with the make up sponge I was making the pink-orange-yellow gradient. Last, I was using white acrylic paint to draw the simple tribal pattern. The colors I was using was from O.P.I's So So Skullicious, which were A Rose from the Dead (pink), Hi Pumpkin (orange) and Candlelight (yellow). 

I was in love with the color combination and I think it looked really fun, and the tribal pattern just made it even better. A great nail art to complete my great day :))

Lunch Date

Spending a day with the lovely Jane, lunch at Watami (eating those food above, some pictures were from my pas visit though), going to Grandview, Zhu Jiang, Dong Zhan and early din din at Malatang LOL. A great day it was, thank Lord :)