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Cherry Mania Girl

Got a teaching training for the next two weeks, without any day off. Yesterday was the first day and it has been pretty tough. It has been long since I woke up early to go to classes so when it comes to staying awake at class from morning till afternoon (sometimes till night) felt really hard now LOL. I was sorry to the teachers because all I did at class was playing LINE's I Love Coffee :)) 

So after the first day of the training, I went to Beijinglu to have dinner with Olin and Etin, chose Tiger Prawn for our meal and I had my favorite chicken. What's even better was ice cream for dessert! My favorite at Beijinglu was Cherry Mania from Itgo.

There is this saying in Indonesian : Teknologi mendekatkan yang jauh, menjauhkan yang dekat, apparently it's true :))
Waiting for our meal to come~
琵琶豆腐!The tofu was really good.
Tom Yum Goong, good but not really my favorite.
The Chicken Bomb!! LOL :))
Cherry for me, Green Tea for Etin :P
Preparing now for my next class at night, from seven to ten! By the way, this is my 200th post on this blog. Yaaaaay! I hope that I will keep posting things until I grow old (?) LOLOL. See you guys at the next post, be blessed blessed blessed :)

Ice cream toast! (Chill, we were only "toasting" with our hands, not the ice cream LOL)

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