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Cherry On Top

When I was doing this I came to realize that my nail art skill (?) has been decreasing a lot, especially when it comes to my left hand drawing. Guess I need a lot of more practice after being absent for too long. Well, what I was drawing today is, as you can see, cherries. Got the inspiration from instagram, and I also made the simple tutorial.

Instructions :
1. After applying base coat, paint nails with base color. Here I used Orly's Ancient Jade.
2. With a slightly big dotting tool, make two big dark red dots (Big Apple Red by O.P.I)
3. While waiting for the red dots to dry, draw an upside down V for the stem (?) of the cherries.
4. Draw another short line from the top of the upside down V.
5. You may not see any difference from the fourth picture but there is actually two lighter red dots (Canjun Shrimp by O.P.I) inside the dots we made on step number 2. 
6. Using a small dotting tool make some polka dots.
7. For a final touch (shiny effect), get a pink (Faceshop's) polish and draw lines according to the picture using your nail art brush. After they are all dry, seal it with your top coat.

For the rest of the nails, I made smaller cherries and the ways are the same, but just without step number 4 and 7. This nail art design is actually very simple, no need of great skills or whatsoever, just some patience (I ruined mine because I was not patient enough, top-coating them before they were fully dried #sigh). The process of the nail art itself only needed less than an hour, so it's pretty quick, right? Why don't you try them? :)

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