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Not So Yellow Mountain

This is another story of my past trip (August 2013) to one of China's most famous mountain, so called 黄山 (Huangshan, or literally means Yellow Mountain). This mountain was not named after the color of yellow but according to my guide, it was named after a king in ancient China. Not going to blab too much about the history though, since I don't really remember (I didn't even pay too much attention on it LOL).

We were taking cable car to reach some top of the mountain, until then we still have to take pretty far mountain paths to our hotel at the top of the mountains (around 40 minutes of walk if I was not mistaken). The view of the mountain was pretty cool though, mostly are the view of the pine trees and peaks and beautiful skies view.

We stayed a night at the hotel at the top of the mountain. There were only two hotels at the top, so most people will simply hike at the morning and go home before it gets dark. Ah, one thing is there is no air-conditioner at the hotels, but we don't have to worry since it is the top of the mountain, right? How "hot" will it actually get at nights? 

When you actually stay overnight at Huangshan, the thing is there will be no "too-fancy" food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, even at the hotels. It is not that the food was bad or something, but there is limitation for the food, since from what I heard, people have to carry their food supplies by feet from far away, so it's like no cars, no motorbikes, all by people. So no expectation of too much beef on your meal if someday you're going there, okay?

This is what I loved most from my trip to Huangshan, PERIOD. This is one of the most spectacular view that I have been seeing in my whole life. These pictures was taken around 7 in the morning when we were heading back to the city. We have to wake up so early to avoid the long queue-ing since it was the public holiday. But all of that was nothing, this view paid everything!

You're gonna have to see this by yourself. It was just THAT amazing. So guys, if any of you have the chance to visit Huangshan, then go. I've been to many mountains in China (Chinese just loves mountains so much, I guess?), but I haven't seen one quite like this. 

Well then, those are it. I hope you guys enjoy this short post and I'll see you next time :)

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