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Life As A Job-Seeker

It has been exactly seven days since I came to Jakarta and this has been one of the most hectic week in my life so far. Too many things happening lately, one of them is the interviews. I had attended about five interviews so far, both formal and informal. Too many moments to be told and I was very grateful for every of them. Today I'll be telling some of my job-seeking experiences.

I started to look for a job since three weeks ago where I also received my very first interview invitations that brought me here to Jakarta. I did my job-searching through a job seeking website and some from my friends. My actual plan was to apply for as many jobs as I can, expecting for as many interview invitations that is possible, attending all of them, wishing that they all will accept me and all that I had to do was choosing the one that suits me best.

Well, I applied for about 25 jobs (yes I did), received 5 invitations, attending all of them and finally had chosen one job (which I won't be telling about now but maybe later). Didn't it seem like everything went just like what I wanted? Well, this is again where I was reminded that I should be careful with what I wished for.

I used to think that it would be easy to choose the best job for me. I just had to pick one and problem's solved. But it wasn't like that, at all. I found it really difficult to choose one between some because I just thought that they all have different good sides for me, but I just got to choose. I was afraid of being rejected, but turns out rejecting also is very difficult. 

At the end, I decided to go with my parents' advice. I am a believer that in every situation that I am put into, my parents should always be involved in it because I care so much about what they think about me and my future. Parents know best, don't they? 

Life is about choices, that is what they say. I have made this choice and I really hope this choice I made will take me to a better place, shape me to a better me. I am not afraid of the future, I always find the future as something worth waiting for, something to be excited for. No matter what will happen next, even though I have no idea at all about it, I believe that my heavenly Father has prepared me the best of everything.

My this phase of life so-called "a job seeker fresh graduate" has almost come to end and I thanked God that it all has been going pretty smoothly. I am now entering the new phase called "finding the perfect room" LOL. All my life I have been waiting for the day where I get to live alone, having my own room (I never did before), so again, I am so excited about it :))

PS. I can never thank God enough for those people around me that have helped me so much while I am in Jakarta, I am feeling truly blessed for all of them. I probably will never be able to repay all their kindness but I believe my Father will do it for my behalf :')

Nice To Meet You

So glad that yesterday I got the chance to meet up with these girls, Meilina and Suryanita. We have been friends since our kindergarten years, which means more than 15 years on friendship :) Before the meet up I was worried that we would be awkward since it's been long since our last encounter but we ended up talking for more than 4 hours and if the restaurant wasn't going to close, we may not have ended the conversation yet LOL. I was feeling very blessed, thank You Lord :)

PS. I am going to Jakarta tomorrow! Excited, nervous, all at once.

Care to Danse? X Piroutte My Whistle

Just did my nails and since I was afraid I won't have enough time to take pictures and blog about them so decided to take them now. Bad quality for bad indoor lighting, of course. What is different from this time's mani is that it is not really quite my style to paint them this "plain". But since I was about to attend some important meetings for a few days ahead and from what I read, I should stick to a more "humble" manicure so decided not to paint too much on the nails, instead using some more soft-colored polish.

This time I was using 2 of my New York City Ballet by O.P.I's set, which were Care to Danse? and Piroutte My Whistle. Care to Danse was more to soft pink-y purple. It was really soft that I had to apply them for more than 3 coats just to make them more visible. To add some effect I was using Piroutte My Whistle which was actually a glitter polish. It was not too visible on the picture, though.

Three Kingdoms City - Wuxi

From the name you must already have known that this place has something to do with the Chinese history thing. Well, it pretty much does, but pretty much not. How is that so? I was expecting that these place were the place where they used to have war or something but apparently I was wrong. 

Three Kingdoms City which is located at 无锡 (Wuxi, an hour by car from Shanghai). This place were actually built by CCTV, China's national TV company, and was actually a place where they shoot movies or films or anything Three Kingdoms related. So basically this place does not have any historical thing or whatsoever.

At this place, there are also some tourists attraction like some people dancing like they were on a war, and there are also other shows that I didn't manage to see. Here we can also sit on an ancient-ship-wannabe to take a tour around Taihu (Tai Lake, one of China's biggest lake).

Every 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, there will also be another special tourist attraction, which was the horse riding. You know, just some people, riding the horse, pretending they were on a war, hitting each other and so on (and also some explosions that will shock you out). The show lasted for only 15 minutes each time. Before and after the show, they will let tourists to take a ride on the horses for a round (you'll have to pay, of course).

To be honest, I don't think this place is interesting, at all. Since you know, this is not the REAL Three Kingdoms City or what. But since we were on a family tour and this place is in the itinerary, so did we go there. I wouldn't recommend this place, but if any of you are interested, please go ahead :P

So, that was my "review" for the place. Hope you guys enjoy this, take care :))

Favorite iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Hey there guys! On today's post I am going to share a few of my favorite photo editing apps that I have been using to edit my photos on my phone. Since instagram has been quite a hit these days, so most photos were to be posted on my instagram account. These are sorted from least to my most favorite. 

6. PhotoWonder (Free)
I knew about this application from a friend of mine (back then when I was still in Guangzhou) who told me that her Korean friend always edited her photos using this application before sending them to her boyfriend in Korea. So what is so special about this app? PhotoWonder actually has these "magic tools" that actually can make your face slimmer and much more prettier on your photos.

What I used most is of course the Beautify tool. It has the other options like One-Click, Thinify, Skin and others. It even has the ability to enlarge breasts (LOL seriously) but I never used that though LOLOLOL. You can also add eyeliners, blush on your cheeks, enlarge your eyes and many other abilities. Here are the examples of the photo that I edited using PhotoWonder. What I did here is to add some eyeliners, thinify a little of my cheeks and brighten the skin color (and shamelessly using this as my LINE's profile picture LOLOLOL). 

5. Phoster (Paid)
I have always been loving to make posters and event invitations, even when I am not that good on it. This app is a perfect app to easily create great posters. You can choose either if you want to make a landscape, portrait or square posters and there also come many great templates inside each pack. All you got to do is choose the template you wanted, put the background that you wanted in, and change the texts into the ones that you desire. Super easy and it turned out great!

4. Over (Paid)
This app is one of the most popular apps on App Store for its ability in adding texts to photos. I love this app too, but not because the texts, but because the artworks packs that come with the app. You can choose many artworks to be added to the photo (most are free artworks) and with only just the artworks, the photos are already good to go.

3. Phonto (Free)
I love typography, I love to add texts to my photos and if I got to choose the best photo application in adding texts to photos, this would definitely be my choice. First, it is free. Second, it comes with soooo many fonts that we can choose from. Third, it is simple. There are no confusing options in this app so everything just works smoothly. Highly recommended!

2. BeautifulMess (Paid)
One of the cutest photo editor applications ever. This app was built by duo sisters behind ABeautifulMess (like my favorite blog ever) and this app really defines their fun, cute and exciting personality. The app comes with some photo filters (Dreamland, Poppy, Spotlight, Milkshake, Classic and Vampire) and also many cute borders, doodles and phrases (that were hand-drawn and written by them). We can also add texts with fonts that you won't find in other apps. Major love for BeautifulMess, I love everything about the app, period.

PS. first photo of this post was also edited using Beautiful Mess (the yum phrase).

1. VSCOcam (Free)
This is the app that I used most on my phone photo editing. I always edited my photos here first before adding other elements like text or artworks on the photo using other apps. VSCO has been very popular among iPhone users for its ability to add dramatic effects to the photo. Each photo that is processed here turned out to be more high-class looking, making whatever photo looks good. My current favorite filter from VSCO is F2.

What I hate from this app : VSCO used to be a paid app and just because I wanted to have this app so much on my phone, I bought it on App Store. Not long after I paid for the app, they released the FREE version of the app. Geez, should have waited longer before buying this that time. But despite of this reason, there is nothing I hate about the app. This definitely is the bomb :))

So, those are my favorite photo editing apps that I loved most from my iPhone. I always love to do photo editing on the phone since it is way simpler than doing it on a PC or laptop, and I also have this habit to edit the photo using more than one app, sometimes even to three or four apps. The results always satisfied me.

Do you have any other apps that you would recommend for photo editing? I really would love to know. Some people would recommend Snapseed for its similarity to Adobe Photoshop but I don't really like it because I found it too complicated. Please do let me know if you happen to know other great apps #SharingIsCaring. Hope you guys enjoy this post. Take care!

Life Lately

1. Just finished the series of I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려). It was pretty good though with many things about law and not only lovey-dovey things. I used to think Lee Jong Suk was not that handsome, but now I realized he's pretty cute :))
2. Been busy dealing with job searching, interview invitations, future plannings and things that have something to do with my future. It was pretty exciting even though it made me feel nervous as well. Hope everything will be pretty smooth.
3. There was the time where I doubted about what will happen in my life next, but a very good friend sent me some words that have given me strength and reminded me that God has prepared everything for me and all I got to do were just wait patiently and do my best. Thank you :')
4. Been studying on driving and last Thursday, I just obtained my driving license. I am still in process of learning though. Gotta practice even more so that the engine no longer be off while I was driving it LOL.
5. Many good things have been happening since the beginning of the month and I am thanking God for every single of it. I am nothing but feeling blessed :)
6. Current favorite TV shows : The Voice of China Season 2 (Zhejiang TV, Friday 21.10 Beijing local time), my favorite was 李琦 and 2011 Junior Masterchef Australia Season 2 that I usually watched while doing the ironing LOL (AXN, Mon-Fri 16.00 Jakarta local time).
7. Been stuck at level 147 on Candy Crush. For weeks.

Two Days at Shaoguan

Reaching 韶关 (Shaoguan) from Guangzhou took us around 3-4 hours by car. This city is pretty famous in China for its "unique" mountains (you'll soon find out why). I went there with another school tour with my schoolmates and a teacher.

The first place we visited was 丹霞山 (Danxiashan/Danxia Mountain), which was also a famous world geopark. To reach the top for the best scenic view, we took a cable car and walk for some mountain paths, not too far from the cable car station though.

Not stopping for too long there, we soon headed to another tourists attraction which I called "unique" at the first paragraph. It was the Yangyuan Stone which is also called Male Stone. You soon will find out why it is called so. The weather that day was so hot that I almost melted for having to walk and "climb" mountains.

Have you figured out why it was called Male Stone? Well if you don't, I am not going to explain a lot more LOL. Those are the places we've been on our first day. The good thing about the second day was there were no more mountains to hike #phew.

The first place was 马坝人博物馆 (The Museum of Maba People). It has the cave were ancient people of Maba lived and there are also a museum that displayed the lifestyle of Maba People at that time. It was pretty interesting, though.

Okay, the last place for the Shaoguan trip. We went to a temple named 南华寺 (Nan Hua Temple), located about 25 km from the city of Shaoguan, was one of the most popular temples in Guangdong (Canton) province in China.

This fountain from the picture above, they believe that it has some kind of supernatural power. If you washed your hands or rubbed the water at the place where you feel pain, then you will be healed. Of course, once my schoolmates heard it, ALL of them went and washed and rubbed themselves with the water. Me? Err, not really a believer of these things. 

So, that was it guys, a note from my past trip to Shaoguan. I personally like the city for its not too crowded and I felt like it must be a very peaceful city (LOL). If any of you are interested to visit the Male Stone (LOL I just remembered there was also the FEMALE VERSION cave, but we didn't manage to visit) just come to Shaoguan and have a look of it with your own eyes LOL. See you guys on the next post! 

Forever Not 21

Can't believe it has been a year since my last birthday. As what I said last year, I was not that kind of birthday person. Well turns out, I am still not getting over it LOL. I really don't get it guys, the night before my birthday I went to bed with a super sad feeling that the next day would be my birthday (strange much?) and at the morning I woke up crying, not a happy cry but because something really bad just happened in my house. I was thinking like why God why? I've been really not happy and there was a new bad thing happened.

The problem hasn't really been solved yet but I believed it soon will. About my strange "resentment" to birthdays, I felt like birthday had given me this kind of "burden" inside me. I kept thinking like "Hey, you're now 22. What have you done?" and then I was like damn, what's next? Is that even normal?

I was assuming that I expected too much from myself. I thought at this age, I should have done better this and better that. A friend very nicely and patiently listened to me (thank you prennn) and she told me that it was probably because of the transitions that have been happening in my life lately. Beside, I was in my early-20's, which made that even more normal. (I still kind of wonder though, is it really normal? LOL).

Back on my earlier birthdays, my younger self (I speak like an old woman LOL) cared so much about what people would have given to me, but now I was more to think about what I could have given to those around me. Have I brought any goodness to them? So to the next years ahead, I'll try my best to be a better one for the ones around me, to love them more and be a blessing to more people. 

But all of those did not make me any less grateful for having so many amazing caring and loving friends and family. I know I am super blessed because of you guys. Thank you so much and I love you guys all with all my heart, even though I may not be really good in expressing it. I am really thanking the Lord for the presence of you all :')

Now that the day was over, I am back to one happy (and lazy) kid :)) I wake up just like the other 364 days, with not too much pressure. I am hoping that the next year I'll cut off more of the negativity on my birthday (I felt like saying that last year LOLOL). Well, we'll see yahh :))

PS. Jane made me this, isn't she the sweetest? Thank you, dear