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Care to Danse? X Piroutte My Whistle

Just did my nails and since I was afraid I won't have enough time to take pictures and blog about them so decided to take them now. Bad quality for bad indoor lighting, of course. What is different from this time's mani is that it is not really quite my style to paint them this "plain". But since I was about to attend some important meetings for a few days ahead and from what I read, I should stick to a more "humble" manicure so decided not to paint too much on the nails, instead using some more soft-colored polish.

This time I was using 2 of my New York City Ballet by O.P.I's set, which were Care to Danse? and Piroutte My Whistle. Care to Danse was more to soft pink-y purple. It was really soft that I had to apply them for more than 3 coats just to make them more visible. To add some effect I was using Piroutte My Whistle which was actually a glitter polish. It was not too visible on the picture, though.

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