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Favorite iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Hey there guys! On today's post I am going to share a few of my favorite photo editing apps that I have been using to edit my photos on my phone. Since instagram has been quite a hit these days, so most photos were to be posted on my instagram account. These are sorted from least to my most favorite. 

6. PhotoWonder (Free)
I knew about this application from a friend of mine (back then when I was still in Guangzhou) who told me that her Korean friend always edited her photos using this application before sending them to her boyfriend in Korea. So what is so special about this app? PhotoWonder actually has these "magic tools" that actually can make your face slimmer and much more prettier on your photos.

What I used most is of course the Beautify tool. It has the other options like One-Click, Thinify, Skin and others. It even has the ability to enlarge breasts (LOL seriously) but I never used that though LOLOLOL. You can also add eyeliners, blush on your cheeks, enlarge your eyes and many other abilities. Here are the examples of the photo that I edited using PhotoWonder. What I did here is to add some eyeliners, thinify a little of my cheeks and brighten the skin color (and shamelessly using this as my LINE's profile picture LOLOLOL). 

5. Phoster (Paid)
I have always been loving to make posters and event invitations, even when I am not that good on it. This app is a perfect app to easily create great posters. You can choose either if you want to make a landscape, portrait or square posters and there also come many great templates inside each pack. All you got to do is choose the template you wanted, put the background that you wanted in, and change the texts into the ones that you desire. Super easy and it turned out great!

4. Over (Paid)
This app is one of the most popular apps on App Store for its ability in adding texts to photos. I love this app too, but not because the texts, but because the artworks packs that come with the app. You can choose many artworks to be added to the photo (most are free artworks) and with only just the artworks, the photos are already good to go.

3. Phonto (Free)
I love typography, I love to add texts to my photos and if I got to choose the best photo application in adding texts to photos, this would definitely be my choice. First, it is free. Second, it comes with soooo many fonts that we can choose from. Third, it is simple. There are no confusing options in this app so everything just works smoothly. Highly recommended!

2. BeautifulMess (Paid)
One of the cutest photo editor applications ever. This app was built by duo sisters behind ABeautifulMess (like my favorite blog ever) and this app really defines their fun, cute and exciting personality. The app comes with some photo filters (Dreamland, Poppy, Spotlight, Milkshake, Classic and Vampire) and also many cute borders, doodles and phrases (that were hand-drawn and written by them). We can also add texts with fonts that you won't find in other apps. Major love for BeautifulMess, I love everything about the app, period.

PS. first photo of this post was also edited using Beautiful Mess (the yum phrase).

1. VSCOcam (Free)
This is the app that I used most on my phone photo editing. I always edited my photos here first before adding other elements like text or artworks on the photo using other apps. VSCO has been very popular among iPhone users for its ability to add dramatic effects to the photo. Each photo that is processed here turned out to be more high-class looking, making whatever photo looks good. My current favorite filter from VSCO is F2.

What I hate from this app : VSCO used to be a paid app and just because I wanted to have this app so much on my phone, I bought it on App Store. Not long after I paid for the app, they released the FREE version of the app. Geez, should have waited longer before buying this that time. But despite of this reason, there is nothing I hate about the app. This definitely is the bomb :))

So, those are my favorite photo editing apps that I loved most from my iPhone. I always love to do photo editing on the phone since it is way simpler than doing it on a PC or laptop, and I also have this habit to edit the photo using more than one app, sometimes even to three or four apps. The results always satisfied me.

Do you have any other apps that you would recommend for photo editing? I really would love to know. Some people would recommend Snapseed for its similarity to Adobe Photoshop but I don't really like it because I found it too complicated. Please do let me know if you happen to know other great apps #SharingIsCaring. Hope you guys enjoy this post. Take care!

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